I Need Advice - Xbox One or PS4

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User Info: lostkiwi

3 years ago#61
Get the one that has the exclusives that interest you the most. If you have friends with a particular console, let that influence your decision as well.

For reference, here is the list of current exclusives:
Xbox One:

Note that at the moment the PS4 has a considerably larger amount of Console Exclusives compared to the Xbox One as well (which are not shown in the lists above) however the majority of them are indie (There's some really good titles in there regardless though).

The home page of that site breaks down the stats for games and exclusives against all 8th gen consoles, as well as the PC.
Find out about PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U games here:

User Info: AnonymousLoner

3 years ago#62
mokmuud posted...
triple s posted...
mokmuud posted...
triple s posted...
And strangely enough...I do prefer achievements to trophies.

That's like saying I prefer water to H2O.

It's more Coke or Pepsi.

No they are the same thing with different names. They serve no other purpose than ego boosting.

Technically, Pepsi is slightly sweeter than Coke so it boils down to preference.
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User Info: Elduderman

3 years ago#63
I've got a Xbox One and I'm happy with it. The games aren't that great yet but next year has some great titles coming out on both Xbox and PS. I still play my 360 all the time too, in fact I'm playing Bioshock 2 and not my Xbox One.

User Info: dataDyneSoldier

3 years ago#64
If you care about graphics, then go with PS4. No question.
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User Info: Sanboxmagician

3 years ago#65
I'm deciding the same thing myself. I'm a Playstation guy, but all my friends are looking like their going to the One. Playing with friends is always a lot more fun, and as long as i can play Destiny.. I dont really care.

User Info: Relias

3 years ago#66
If playing with friends and family is a big thing for you, just wait for them to make up their minds and get that one.

I am going with Exclusives for you are almost interchangeable seeing as to how you went from Sony to Xbox, and if that is the case that must have been partially anyway inspired by your friends.

There is very little groundwork for you to make this choice, unless of course there is something you absolutely must have, and cannot live without, Which then you have the burden of trying to get your friends to agree to come with you onto that system.

So you have to ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do you want the best online experience, then go with the One.

2. Do you want the best graphics, on both exclusives, and third party titles. Go with PS4

3. Which Exclusives do you prefer? (Go with the best answer.)

4. Do you like motion control games. Go with One.

5. Like playing games on the go. (Not exactly sure bout this one, but between the two going by what I have heard, go with One, cause PS4 is going to make you buy a Vita.)

6. Do you think your friends are 100% going to go with whatever you choose. (Go with either, or if in doubt, just wait it out until friends want to join next gen.)

User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#67
ComradeRyan posted...
The PS4 plays multi-platform games better, and has a larger online population.

+1 PS4 by a large margin.

Better games, better UI, better prices, better online.

The best thing when you have both is that you can use Kinect to watch TV without picking the Xbox One controller, because you're not going to play much games with it anyway.
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