Has any game caused you to have a serious meltdown???

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User Info: bossk5

3 years ago#71
Beat him.

Holy f+++ the flames were agitating
I buy used games. I own a PS4, so according to Gamefaqs law I now have the right to act like a complete douchebag on the Xbox One board.

User Info: DarthUchiha91

3 years ago#72
Reece504 posted...
Hmmmm where do I start let's see I have a list of games that me curse out loud, scream and yell and some I just cut the whole system off and lay down then come back to it later

Battle toads
Last boss in eternal champions
Last boss in dead to rights 1
Shadow jago on hard in ki Xbox one
The last challenge tower in mk9
Ninjump 2
Super meat boy
1001 spikes
Hagane on snes
Demon souls and dark souls
The last level of Simpsons hit and run
Alma In ninja gaiden black

Really? I thought he was pretty easy. If anything it was that fight with the mayor that pissed me off.
Nobody likes you, you're ugly and your mother dresses you funny. Now smile, you $%^&ing douche.

User Info: Herbylurch

3 years ago#73
teeebz posted...
TBONE_OG posted...
I raged pretty hard on CoD4 Mile High Club achievement.

Other than that... Diablo 2 Hardcore mode. Losing a high level character and all the loot was straight up stomach wrenching. I'd have to stop playing for a few days.

Mile high club is definitely a runner up for me after Gears MP.

Caused me to lay low for awhile.


I see what you did there lol
Meltdown... Lay...low

OT: I remember throwing my controller because of battle toads. Mike Tyson's punch out got annoying too when you fought Mike if you didn't know the patterns. Contra and ninja gaiden were difficult too.
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