What's the worst Xbox One game you've played?

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User Info: SageOfChaos

3 years ago#31
Most people seem to agree on Crimson Dragon. For me, it's this game not because it's an actual bad game, I just feel weirded out by the controls and I have no idea why. I always aim inverted in games, and I have played games for a long, long time, but for some reason using default or inverted both don't make sense to my brain. I keep aiming the wrong way. I am pretty decent at flight games, and good at 3PS and FPS games, but the controls make me a bit sick on this game.
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User Info: ghstbstr

3 years ago#32
I'd say that Thief was the worst, and I bought because I had high hopes for it to be good. Not that it was bad it is just that it is boring as hell, even Murdered Soul Suspect was better than it.
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User Info: DeathRupter

3 years ago#33
If you hate Assassins Creed then you hate Watch Dogs. I'm surprised Ubisoft Montreal isn't out of business already...
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User Info: SupaflyGibson

3 years ago#34
cod ghosts
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User Info: Slippyed

3 years ago#35
McCartneyMartin posted...
I liked Thief. I liked its atmosphere. It didn't have the freedom of Dishonored though. Corvo could do anything. You could argue he was a little OP for a stealth game.

The difficulty helps to balance him. Playing the entire game as a ghost is so rewarding.

On topic, Crimson Dragon.

User Info: Cows Go Hisssss

Cows Go Hisssss
3 years ago#36
Anything on Games with Gold. At least they're free though.
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hey foo

User Info: SwiftXZ

3 years ago#37
Kinect Rivals.

User Info: vashkey

3 years ago#38
Probably Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. While there have been a fair amount of mediocre games on Xbox One this one also happens to look like ass. That along with the fact that War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron were pretty solid and this just completely misses the mark and that makes it easily the worst Xbox One game iI've played.

Sure, Strike Suit Zero and Cromson Dragon are boring, but there really weren't any expectations in place for them to begin with.

User Info: pnut3844

3 years ago#39
Its a tie between crapamelee and killer instinct
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User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#40
So many of them to chose from, I can't pick just one, sorry.

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