What Exactly is Wrong With the Xbox One? (Saleswise)

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User Info: SigmaLongshot

3 years ago#41
In this topic, nine million is a huge number, but five million is a terribly insignificant number.
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User Info: SoulTrapper

3 years ago#42
Microsoft messed up at launch and at E3.
The console they had in mind was not the console the consumer wanted (there's a good reason why Mattrick got fired).
The higher price and the multiplatform games running at lower resolutions only mad it worse.

They've been making progress in getting into good graces again (dropping kinect) but they're not going to catch up to the PS4, even with Halo:MCC, simply because most people don't care about the console.

Selling 5 million consoles is nice, but it's pretty bad when your nearest competitor is outselling you even in your own home.

User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#43
There's nothing wrong with the Xbox One itself.

The question we should be asking...what's wrong with this board and it's users?

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User Info: Lord_Serpentor

3 years ago#44
Three factors hurt the Xbox One

Price, it came out at 100 dollars more then the PS4, to people who were just looking for a next gen console they were likely going to choose the cheaper option. That and the reason they were more expensive was for a peripheral not many were cheering for it to return.

Launch parity, in a lot of places consumers had one choice for next gen as Microsoft didn't launch there. Europe as of last Gen was where Sony caught up a lot of ground to Microsoft while they were loosing badly in America, there was no focus to make sure they were ready for a fight in every teritory MS came out thinking well people loved the 360 they will love the One.

The Xbox 360, there are a good number of people who only care about Call of Duty, Assasin's creed, sports games etc. Things like dead rising, Ryse, Killzone, Knack they don't matter. They dedicate their gaming dollars to only the big names. All of thoes games were coming out on hardware they already had. The community for COD, BF etc was going to be at it's largest on the 360, there simply was no reason to run out and pay 500 dollars for a new machine when the one you have was going to do everything you wanted. Once publishers stop making games for the old machines then people will have a reason to upgrade to next gen.By that point the PS4 and Xbox One are at price parity and will be on sale world wide and that's when things will heat up.
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User Info: leathelj

3 years ago#45
To make a long story short people are still butt hurt about the original xb1 policy's bad some will never be satisfied until they see Microsoft go out of business. IMO tho xb1 has the best games out now and after watching e3 it will have the best games in the future as well people like good games period
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User Info: Xuande12

3 years ago#46
Sony came out of the gate with momentum, especially because of E3 2013. That being said, there is nothing wrong with Xbox One sales right now. If you want to look at bad sales, look at the Wii U.
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User Info: SpikeTheSpaceCo

3 years ago#47
SparkItUp posted...
SpikeTheSpaceCowboy posted...
Laylow12 posted...
dataDyneSoldier posted...
Where to start...

-They came up with a bunch of stupid ideas
-They then backtracked on those same ideas that were promised because they got scared
-It's priced the same as a more powerful console that consistently puts out better looking games
-They thought that they could appeal to people by basically making their console a cable box that can play games.
-Losing a bunch of exclusive games

It's a shame, really. The 360 was actually an enjoyable console, but Microsoft showed just how clueless they are about actual gamers with their latest console.

They pushed their wants KINECT 2.0 and all its NuAds data-mining capabilities over games. Cable and TV monitoring is also a good revenue stream similar to Nielsen ratings. Both make them enormous piles of cold hard cash. Games? Sure, you get a mediocre side dish of them but nothing spectacular.


Your ridiculous laylow, don't know why I even considered you to be someone to have a good console debate with, your a troll and everything you say is extremely biased. That mediocre side dish for 2014 still trounces whatever you'd consider Sony's 2014 lineup to be.

^ complains someone is a troll, and then makes troll statements himself....Gamefaqs logic.

Troll statement? I'll never deny that PS4 has XBOX One in a few departments, but games in 2014 goes to XBOX One. Can't say anything about 2015 yet though.
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