Having some serious buyer's remorse, thinking about flipping the switch.

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User Info: VoidBeyond

3 years ago#41
Haikou11 posted...
Laylow12 posted...
You have no idea man, the PS4 is ultra fast OS, everything is smooth as butter. Games look FAR better and actually look next gen and the controller is sick. Much better exclusives, online and PS+ gives you good games.

It sucks but because you chose to speak the truth, you know they're going to turn on you around here, don't worry about though. There is far more players on PS side and you don't have to lie all the time or make up its positives, it's better at everything, so no need to lie.


Is this guy serious? PS4 is ultra fast and smooth? Its nothing compared to PC.

Laylow is a known and obvious troll who doesn't do that good of trolling, but he makes himself look like a fool all the time (see above) so we get that from him.
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User Info: MrXGamer

3 years ago#42
TC, I used to be in the same boat as you, but I even had all consoles - PS4, Wii U and Xbone with a gaming PC. Both of my PS4/Xbone were collecting dust for six months (shortly after launch) and Wii U was collecting dust for a year. I learned a good lesson that when you have a gaming PC, you just don't look back. I was busy gaming on PC all the time and it felt more satisfying, especially with Steam ruling the market and PC games becoming more compatible with controllers and HDTV these days.

Guess what, I did sell all of my consoles and I don't miss them at all. 95% of their games are on PC or will end up coming for it as much superior versions, that's besides PC's already massive game collection that consoles can never surpass. Steam has ambitious plans, their controller will be compatible with all 10k games that are on there and don't forget all the free online play.

I might get PS4 again next year once the exclusives roll in, but for now and years to come, PC gaming is on the rise and people are ditching consoles to jump for a better and more future proof platform. Just make sure you build your own PC instead of buying a premade, it's a lot cheaper and once you learn the hardware side of things, that makes your life a lot easier as a PC gamer. Good luck and welcome to the master race!
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User Info: Jawbreaker87

3 years ago#43
Hey man I'm ps4-ing 9:9 for destiny. Since u bought xbox1 already just stick through it you'll love the multi platform games eventually you'll be set don't feel buyers remorse it's like ps4 gonna have dope games it's ll the same I know you'll dig it it's xbox!
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User Info: dnmt

3 years ago#44
This thread warms the cockles of my heart, Jedi. Still not fully convinced it's real but if so, congrats. I can give you some advice on what hardware to get that's within your budget if you want, too.

User Info: Crystyn_7B

3 years ago#45

PC gaming is fine 3rd party exclusives coming to PC isn't anything new and is great by all accounts.

If there's no exclusive on the horizon right now that interests you sell it, otherwise keep it and get a gaming rig either way.
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User Info: slowdog76

3 years ago#46
what a random arbitrary list of reasons to sell the xbox.

not dissing your reasoning or opinions Jedi, but there isn't one thing that you listed there that would make me want to sell up. Aside from the connection, but I tell you now, that's an issue with your connection. Or maybe you have a legitimate fault in your box. Because the vast majority do not have that problem.

There are plenty of little niggly things I have with the console. They aren't that big of a deal in my eyes. And I can happily put up with them. Happily, because they wont get in the way of enjoying SO, FH2, and so on.

I always say in situations like this, whatever the subject, that I say you made a list of negatives. Make a list of positives now and compare the two. Its easy to focus on the downsides, but sometimes it means we overlook what is good about something.

I'm not trying to convince you one way or the other TC (I dont really care tbh) and I respect your opinions. Just trying to throw out another side to it that no-one else has really put forward.
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User Info: CKnight

3 years ago#47
I think TC is one of those people who will buy the same console 3 or 4 times a generation.

I can't tell you how many topics I read where someone went from X1 to PS4, PS4 to X1, PS4 and X1 to Wii U to PC, back to X1 and PS4, ect , ect.

The reasons are always flimsy and indicative of impatience(the how come all the good games aren't out right this minute attitude), indecisiveness(they don't know what they really want and gaming needs and want change with the weather.) Or plain impulsive.

User Info: Fear_Awakens

3 years ago#48
pobbes posted...
if you already have a decent PC, why not own both? your PC doesn't have to be uber good and reach ultra graphics every game... unless you're that kind of guy. Honestly i'm a PS4 user, and i may bash the xbone a lot, but it's still a pretty good console, and games will come to it eventually. Also, KH3 and FF15 aren't coming out for PC i think.

You also mention you play mostly RPGs now, but then you got an Xbone? mmm weird choice tbh. not saying that MS consoles don't have RPGs, but if you mostly play RPGs, the Sony console would've been a better choice.

This. Sounds pretty weird that you like playing RPGs, but you got the Xbone. Microsoft has always been better-known for FPS games, and RPGs have always been Sony's thing. Obviously, the PS has FPS games and the Xbox has RPGs, but for the most part, Sony's console gets better RPGs than Microsoft's.

Since you know how to build a gaming PC, you know you enjoy PC gaming, you have the money to get the parts for it, and you don't like the new gen, go for it. I do enjoy how everybody is saying the PC blows away consoles, though. That's fun. Especially since that depends entirely on how your rig is set up.

Personally, I just honestly think playing on a PC just doesn't compete with playing on a console. I've enjoyed PC games, don't get me wrong, it's just that I personally prefer consoles. Some games are definitely better on PC, like Skyrim. Which I honestly think would really blow without mods. So if that's what you want, then go ahead. One less guy not buying a console is one more console somebody else can get.
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User Info: Tenzhi

3 years ago#49
BruceWayneJr posted...
LEGEND_725 posted...
If games like halo MCC, gears, forza, fable, interest you stick with x one.

Tell your bosses at Xbawks that none of those games are system sellers

Forza sold the system to me.
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User Info: TrueGB

3 years ago#50
Why does everyone always want to sell their stuff off after a couple slow months? Just keep the X1, get a gaming PC, and you'll have both when the next wave of good games come. I remember way back when I found myself playing my Xbox way more often than my PS2. Did I sell it? Nope. When Resident Evil 4 came out, I was glad I didn't. You never know when that one really awesome game is going to hit.
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