Having some serious buyer's remorse, thinking about flipping the switch.

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User Info: facetioussage

3 years ago#71

A lot of what you mentioned was helpful and objective enough, but I wanted to point out a couple of things that may have changed since you were usually gaming on PCs.

GFWL is no longer relevant. A large majority of the games that used it no longer do (in many cases, just going over to Steamworks). No future games should be coming out with that particular DRM. MS is discontinuing it.

Other DRM options remain. Usually as a byproduct of a good point you brought up...the segmentation. Origin is it's own DRM as is UPlay. Steamworks is obviously it's own DRM (Though not every game on Steam includes DRM, it should be noted). In many cases, there is a lot of overlapping titles in what game stores offer, but for some exclusives, you would need to sign up with Blizzard or Origin. While it IS segmented, it does have on advantage over consoles in that you don't need to buy separate hardware to have them. You can have Steam and Origin on the same machine.

Another option on PC is a completely DRM-Free experience. GOG is the main place to go for DRM free games, and there's a couple of other shops that offer DRM-Free games. Steam, as I mentioned before, has a few games that only require that you install them...and they are DRM-free thereafter (i.e., you install them through Steam, but you can literally cut and paste the entire game folder into another directory or on your laptop or whatever, and the game will still play without having to "call home". Half-Life 2 does this).

As for controllers...most games, particularly mutliplatform games, have built in controller support on PC. A PC-Exclusive game like Divinity: Original Sin does not use a controller, but Dead Rising 3 will have controller support, or a game like Magic 2015, etc. I use a 360 controller since Windows 7 has the drivers for it built in already and it recognizes it right away. There are a number of "console" games I've gotten on PC which work perfectly fine with the 360 controller. Since I particularly like the 360 controller, this is a nice bonus.

Overall, PC gaming does offer quite a few advantages. It has extensive backward compatibility and a wider variety of game types. Some experiences remain better on a console, just as some games are simply better on PC...but the PC does have a distinct advantage of just sheer volume of games and an extensive library that goes back several generations.

I can play Master of Magic on my PC and then switch over to Bioshock: Infinite, then maybe get into a bit of Overlord and finish off with Final Fantasy 8. Better graphics, modability, and the games tend to be cheaper....PC has some distinct advantages.

The really nice thing about consoles was their convenience...but that is being eroded by enforced install times, slower loading times, etc. It was dangerously close to including DRM without any of the PC advantages, but fortunately that was stepped away from.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I have not gotten a PS4 nor an XB1 at this time, and given the plethora of remakes and last-gen titles being ported over and all the other nonsense gaming companies love to do these days, I don't see it happening soon. I see no reason to buy a console game when the "Ultimate" "Complete" or "GOTY" version will be out on PC 6 months to 1 year later at most with everything included....at a discount from the MSRP. I did get a Wii U because Mario Kart 8 seriously looked too tempting for me to ignore).
I don't hate you. I wouldn't push you into the path of a moving train. I just don't like you; so I wouldn't pull you out of the way, either.

User Info: RuinerEraser

3 years ago#72
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User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#73
MicrosoftLover posted...
Laylow12 posted...
It sucks but because you chose to speak the truth, you know they're going to turn on you around here...

Laylow12's son posted...
He didn't do anything wrong. Why will they chase him?"

Laylow12 posted...
Because he's the hero Microsoft deserves, but not the one it needs right now...and so we'll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he's not a hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector...a dark knight.

*crowd roars*

The Queen of Light took her bow, and then she turned to go.
The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom, and walked the night alone.-Battle of Evermore/Zeppelin
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