So, why is this whole "exclusive thing a big deal?

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  3. So, why is this whole "exclusive thing a big deal?

User Info: Pixx0

3 years ago#51
tyroneiscool123 posted...
let's see

buy a console, less powerful than its competition, while being the same price, with 60 dolars a year xbl gold

or just update pc parts, get the game cheaper, without getting locked in to a paywall.

For weak minded consumers ( and ignorant ones), that's a really difficult choice ;P
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User Info: leathelj

3 years ago#52
Tc Some ppl still don't understand that every xb1 game could come out on PC and xb1 will still do just as good as it is now because a lot of ppl simply don't care about PC and not every one gets a** hurt games come to PC heck some are glad that PC gamers get to enjoy the games also who knew! Many just prefer consoles and don't want to mainly game on a PC period that's the truth it's preference. I say it dosent matter what you game on or what xb1 game is on as long as you enjoy the game haveing a xb1 game on PC dosent take away my good times and fun playing the same games with my friends on xb1 it dosent feel like I lost something it dosent devalue my good times or makes me think less of the xb1 I simply don't get why ppl feel so jaded.
Every one has there own opinions unless theirs is stupid.
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  3. So, why is this whole "exclusive thing a big deal?

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