Xbox One Getting 1080p Sleeping Dogs - Heart Broken

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User Info: Exodus_Prime

3 years ago#22
Darkeagle77 posted...
gray_fox_00 posted...
Darkeagle77 posted...
Game launches on both Xbox1/PS4 at 1080p:"Ha ponies, was that again about XBOX 1 not being able to do 1080p? Pony liars, hooves on fire."

"X" game 1080p on PS4,(720p, 792p,882p,900p) on Xbox1: "WHO THE HELL CARES!! This damn small equines have nothing better to do than talk about resolutions. I don't care, I don't or post about it. I am real gamer. You want proof, I own a PS4."

As an unbiased observer I've seen it go both ways. The fanboys on both sides always flip flop their arguments/opinions/viewpoints to best fit the situation. The same people that don't care about resolution or fps are usually the same ones that are bragging about it saying "1080p and 60fps on insert fanboy's console of choice take that insert appropriate childish name for opposition i.e. pony, xbot"

It would be funny if it were so hypocritical and sad. What ever happened to just buying the system you like, enjoying it, and that being it. Do they really need to reassure themselves on their purchase every step of the way?

Last gen, I owned a PS3 and my friend owned a 360. Do you know what we did? We swapped systems from time to time to play exclusives we wouldn't otherwise have access to.

I know we have hypocrites on both side. It's just that TC claim to be a gamer and uses the ownership of a PS4 as being unbiased. He constantly points fingers at others of being ponies, cheerleaders, trolls, etc...when he is no better than the regular sony trolls.

I started gaming with the PS2. Later I got an Xbox360, I own more than 60 games. Earlier this year a bought a PS3, currently own more than 40 games for it. I don't care about "XXXps" or "fps". Like you said, whatever happened to just buying the system you like? Unfortunately the console war is here to stay and it's not going away anytime soon.

Ha ha you're just mad I HAVE a PS4 and that I don't worship the TV stand it sits on like most people on here, be butthurt all you want I've owned and played all the PS2/PS3/PS4 exclusives so far give me a break NEW USER.

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User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#23
Exodus_Prime posted...
The game launches on October 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and includes 1080p resolution, 24 DLC packs, "tuned gameplay," and upgrades to the original's audio and visuals.

Why did my fellow gamers lie to me about Xbone not being able to do 1080P? I'm heart broken =/


They're idiots, that's why.
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