Naughty Dog going the way of Insomniac?

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User Info: LostQuestion

3 years ago#61
Exodus_Prime posted...
SculptorOvFlesh posted...
kingofjamaica posted...
SculptorOvFlesh posted...
depends if Sony has the money to keep the first party.
If not, Microsoft has enough to get them to go Multiplat.

Naughty Dog is wholly owned by Sony Computer Entertainment.

so?? They can still lose the talent.
They can reform, or join a different studio.

This? They own the name and studio Naughty Dog.

They can reform change the name to Naughty Doge and still be relevant.


and the newly formed Naughty Doge can get sued into oblivion by Sony & Naughty Dog (there's sort of a reason why you don't see studios pop up with names like Nintendoe, Activisione, Marcosoft, and Squar-Enix)

yes the studio can lose talent however studio's tend to keep a death grip on most everything they can about their IP's also reforming/forming a studio is a financial risk. chances are if talent went over to MS the talent would not become part of some new studio (unless they had some sort of huge name recognition and these people are usually kept chained to their studio under contract) but just folded into a existing studio.
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User Info: LaManoNeraII

3 years ago#62
Just about every key member of the studio left. They'll wind up like that one studio that made ICO.
R.I.P LaManoNera

User Info: wavvvves

3 years ago#63
I don't want naughty dog, they suck.
I want bloodborne on xbox.
I bought a ps4 JUST for bloodborne.

User Info: sanjeust

3 years ago#64
HarrysReed posted...
MS is where good studios go to die.

Funny but true.

More funny is how Xbox One fans don't have any subtlety in hating TLOU and Naughty Dog, but want them to launch games for Xbox One.

Jelousy, it is a bad thing.

User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#65
Naughty Dogs games are great.

They are PlayStation exclusives though.
Who the hell doesn't have a PS4 anyway ?
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