X1 owners, did you buy Ryse?

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User Info: Kocano26

3 years ago#21
Got it on sale when I bought my titanfall console bundle, I still play it once in awhile. Really enjoyed it the campaign made me want to watch some gladiator stuff/rome tv shows :)
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User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#22
XLegendKillerX posted...
I didn't buy this game, i heard it was very repetitive and got boring quickly, So i avoided it, also bad reviews.

Is it actually really good?

It is repetitive and non stop QTE but it only lasts a day so it's not too painful.
I wouldn't have bought it on PS4 or on Steam but I needed something to play on my Xbox One.

User Info: CrusnikCain

3 years ago#23
first game i got with my Xbox One when i bought it didn't like the other launch games
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User Info: MrImpatient35

3 years ago#24
Ryse isn't a fantastic game, but it's not an awful game either. It's ok. I'm currently renting it and enjoying it. I like the story more than anything.
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User Info: bossk5

3 years ago#25
I bought it.. and enjoyed the hell out of it.
I buy used games. I own a PS4, so according to Gamefaqs law I now have the right to act like a complete douchebag on the Xbox One board.

User Info: Syn_Vengeance

3 years ago#26
I Didnt buy it cause I didn't want to play it, my buddy rented it and said it was terrible.
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User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#27
Nope I got it for free. Beat it in one short session(forcing myself to finish it) and tried the multiplayer. Then traded it in the next day.
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User Info: PutHaggarInSF

3 years ago#28
Because I didn't want it. Looked dull and uninspired.
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User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#29
I got it for free.
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User Info: Pizzatarian

3 years ago#30
Bought it digitally, and the DLC. Almost 100% completed the game too; I'm currently at 1740 of 1750.
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