Will Xbox One lose Titanfall 2?

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User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

3 years ago#11
Matt_256 posted...
crucial posted...
TF2 imo wont make it to 360/PS3,it did not even sell half a million copy's on 360 and is pretty much dead all ready and by 2016 Respawn will want to up everything for current gen,it will go to X1,PS4 and PC and I also knew it would go multi plat before the 1st one was released.

As long as its packed with more content and a locked 60fps I could careless were it land's I will be buying it.

Oh yea, I think the 360 and PS3 will be a thing of the past once Titanfall 2 is out. I'd be shocked to see a last gen version. Hell, I'm surprised the first Titanfall came out on the 360 and even more shocked they managed to get Destiny on last gen systems..

idk, PS2 made it all the way to Fifa 14
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User Info: Cows Go Hisssss

Cows Go Hisssss
3 years ago#12
I want Titanfall to stay exclusive to Xbox like Gears of War or Halo, but I have a feeling that its gonna go the Mass Effect route and become multiplatform, then Respawn will start catering the game to an audience that is too wide and completely ruin the series. Just like what happened to Bioware.
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User Info: Crystyn_7B

3 years ago#13
lunaticcore posted...
I think pretty much everybody assumed it is going to be multiplatform since before the first one was released.

Still don't expect it until 2016.
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User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#14
nableet posted...
Well, since MS/Xbone never had Titanfall 2, it can't lose it...

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