Microsoft loses 400 million on the Xbox One.

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User Info: Panner

3 years ago#1

I didnt see this posted anywhere, but im sorry if it already has.
losing that kind of money is nuts.
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User Info: ValorZrayk

3 years ago#2
I wonder if the 360 covered that loss.
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User Info: Infinite 2003

Infinite 2003
3 years ago#3
It's negative news about about Microsoft. Of coarse it's been posted. More than once.
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User Info: warz0r09

3 years ago#4
pocket change compared to how much MS lost with 360 at first because of red ring.

User Info: dueric

3 years ago#5
Every console manufacturer loses money on the hardware, dude. It's a given in the industry.

Once they get the console in your home it's like a Trojan Horse. It's worth it to take a loss on the hardware so they can make a bundle on the software and advertising and such.
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User Info: Juzten76

3 years ago#6
And Sony has lost billions multiple times.
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User Info: BigBossMakaveli

3 years ago#7
Not a good look investors already want to close shop on the gaming division.

User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#8

Not really newsworthy, the start of a new gen is always a money sink for the first year or two. Wii was an exception, not the rule.

User Info: bgwilly255

3 years ago#9
It's not a really bad thing. Sony is clearly winning in sales, but lost 200mil as well. It's just how consoles are in they're first few years.
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User Info: TOhasNoRing

3 years ago#10
I thought it was obvious consoles were always sold at a loss...
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