The Gap Between PS4 And Xbox One

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User Info: don_sf

3 years ago#1
Firstly, no hate because I own all last gen consoles, ps3 xbox 360 and wii.

So yes the PS4 gpu is more powerful and everyone knows that, and of course we are seeing a slight difference with graphics CURRENTLY.

To quote from a very excellent and technical review site

In short, the PS4′s GPU is — on paper — 50% more powerful than the Xbox One. The Xbox One’s slightly higher GPU clock speed might ameliorate some of the difference, but really, the PS4′s 50% higher CU count is a serious advantage for the Sony camp. Furthermore, Microsoft says that 10% of the Xbox One’s GPU is reserved for Kinect. Games on the PS4 will have a lot more available graphics power on tap.


Once we leave the CPU/GPU, the hardware specs of the Xbox One and PS4 start to diverge, with the RAM being the most notable difference. While both consoles are outfitted with 8GB of RAM, the PS4 opts for 5500MHz GDDR5 RAM (similar to what you’d find on a modern graphics card), and the Xbox One uses 2133MHz DDR3 RAM (the same as the main RAM in your PC). This leads to an absolutely massive bandwidth advantage in favor of the PS4 — the PS4′s CPU and GPU will have 176GB/sec of bandwidth to system RAM, while the Xbox One will have just 68.3GB/sec.

A very few say developers will get used to xbox one and push it harder as early games do not push the system hard (games like last of us and gta 5 level graphics were not present in 2007). However many say ps4 will always have the extra bandwidth and the horsepower which will push it further beyond the xbox one.

I do not want to be bias towards one console, it is not in my nature.

So my question is, will the graphical gap between the two increase or decrease or remain constant over time?

User Info: Jedi454

3 years ago#2
The gap between a gaming PC and PS4 is even greater, what is your point?
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User Info: -FryShakeWad-

3 years ago#3
Look at last gen. There is your answer. Also graphics are somewhat in the eye of the beholder. It won't be a noticeable difference either way.
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User Info: TauriLeader

3 years ago#4
The best answer is we don't know. Developers are giving mixed messages some saying it will catch up but others are saying the Xbox will never get a constant 1080p.

Xbox has DirectX 12 which will give some minor improvements and the mysterious magic of the cloud will help sometime down the line.

Then Sony who is not advertising every little increase in performance is doing everything behind closed doors and don't know what type of improvements they can do. Sony could we working on their own cloud technology behind closed doors we won't know until they release it.

My opinion is the Xbox will improve and the PS4 will improve and the developers will take advantage of it but I am not sure if they Xbox can catch up as the PS4. I think there will be a constant gap between he two. Xbox improves and closes the gap then the PS4 improves and pulls away again.
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User Info: Cows Go Hisssss

Cows Go Hisssss
3 years ago#5
I think the difference will remain constant, maybe slightly decrease. I feel multiplatform developers will do their best to max out the Xbox One version, but will not max out the PS4 version. However, the PS4 version would still look and run better.
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User Info: schmittay87

3 years ago#6
-FryShakeWad- posted...
It won't be a noticeable difference either way.

Technically speaking, if a game is fully optimised on both systems there would be a noticeable difference but developers wouldn't do this as there is more money selling a similar looking title on two platforms then favouring one over the other.

Just wait a couple years and you will see it in exclusive titles.

User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#7
Jedi454 posted...
The gap between a gaming PC and PS4 is even greater, what is your point?

Depends on the gaming PC.
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User Info: Pcmonster87

3 years ago#8
mokmuud posted...
Jedi454 posted...
The gap between a gaming PC and PS4 is even greater, what is your point?

Depends on the gaming PC.

mokmuud posted...
Jedi454 posted...
The gap between a gaming PC and PS4 is even greater, what is your point?

Depends on the gaming PC.

Considering the XO and PS4 barely hold a candle to a mid-range PC, that's probably the best comparison. Both consoles are rocking GPU's from 2008, and 2009. Revolutionary stuff.
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User Info: Porunga

3 years ago#9
The difference in power is in the hardware, no amount of optimization or software will bridge that gap. As time goes on, new and more efficient coding will be used and graphics will improve, but the hardware gap will ALWAYS be there. The visual difference WILL increase as developers are able to get more and more performance out of the hardware, and PS4s more powerful hardware will allow for an even greater increase in visuals. That said, just because games look and run better on PS4 now and in the future does not diminish the xbox one. People need to stop comparing hardware and visuals between the two systems because xbox one will always come up short. History has shown that better hardware and better visuals does not automatically equal better system. The games is what does that, it is up to MS to make sure the system has the best games it can. Only then can we decide which system is better. But even then MS has its work cut out for them, because history has shown xbox coming up short in the games department as well. It is MS's job this gen to change that trend.

User Info: Durl9

3 years ago#10
Jedi454 posted...
The gap between a gaming PC and PS4 is even greater, what is your point?

The point is between the two consoles the ps4 is better. Obviously pcs will be better but that has nothing to do with this thread. Another major difference is the xo is over clocked which means it's lifespan will be less than that of a ps4 as well.
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