Call of Duty: Titanfall

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User Info: ferval100

3 years ago#61
LamiaLues posted...
Am I the only one thinking this!?

The dash is that dash from titans, and the boost jump is a double jump.

Not mad or anything. Just saying.

Reminds me of Halo. But what do you expect? CoD is getting desperate. Soon it will go the way of Guitar/DJ Hero, and Tony Hawk. I also bet when that happens Activision will probably blame us.
We are the imagination of ourselves. - Bill Hicks. - Truer words have never been spoken.

User Info: dormcaste

3 years ago#62
Advanced Warfare actually looks pretty cool. Haven't actually been excited for a COD game since World at War.

User Info: SparkItUp

3 years ago#63
was there any fish AI improvements?
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