Why did Microsoft go first again?

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User Info: Navex

2 years ago#11
I don't care a bit about Sony but I doubt that particular feature was also what they had in mind and changed because of MC backlash. That was just an all-around idiotic move on MS's part and while Sony are no strangers to making dumb moves either that one was clearly all MS.

User Info: shoji_jo

2 years ago#12
I never teh1337gosu posted...
That made no sense

I never make any sense :(

User Info: billOriley

2 years ago#13
DonVito1990 posted...
Cosmic_Diabetic posted...
DonVito1990 posted...
InterzoneMantra posted...
They don't make these things up on the spot. These presentations are planned ahead of time. It's not like they're gonna look at ms and change up their format last minute.

Apparently Sony did just that when Microsoft took all the backlash for the DRM/Internet checks and caused Sony to backpedal in secret.

people still believe this? go join charlie sheen and the other loony conspiracy theory whackos

Much salt. Go ahead and continue believing Sony is your friend!

Sony article stating that there won't be any drm published feb 2013

ms announced the xbone and first may 21st 2013. herp derp.

User Info: shoji_jo

2 years ago#14
Although Sony announced they wouldn't block used games, they later updated the ToS state that they could do. This was never in the previous ToS, I had to refer to it at work almost every day!

I get that presentations take maybe months to prep, but the changes I mentioned could be made after a few hours of investigating resources and finances.
Like I said, it would be unlikely but I would be a big deal if they had the resources to do it.

Probably too much of a hyperthetical considering Sony's overall finances, my apologies to anyone whom I offended with my topic.
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