Why is Tomb Raider such a big deal anyway?

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User Info: known2FAIL

2 years ago#1
It's exclusive to the X1. Yay. Too bad I'm not getting it and all I own is a X1. TR has been mediocre since... Forever. If the Sony fan boys want that mediocre piece of crap game so bad... They can have it. I swear... All this fuss over a crap game. I just don't understand...
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User Info: Nighthound101

2 years ago#2
Me either. It's suddenly become a system seller in the last 24 hours. lol.

User Info: That_Damn_Kid

2 years ago#3
it was one the best games of the year in 2013
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User Info: pwnater777

2 years ago#4
It's almost completely just because of exclusivity. If it were multiplatform, people wouldn't care as much. Did you see all this hype around the game anywhere before this morning? There really wasn't any huge buzz around it, until people blew it out of proportion today.
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User Info: cabcalloway1983

2 years ago#5
Just finished TR definitive edition last night and thought it was a pretty good game.Most certainly no where near mediocre imo.
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User Info: leelee3105

2 years ago#6
Because all the ponies are making it a huge deal. Crying pony topics out number bragging xbro topics 5:1 on this board
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User Info: Mixorz

2 years ago#7
Because it's exclusive, and because MS did it. If Sony had gotten it exclusive we'd have to deal with dozens of topics about how Sony cares about its gamers and are the "good guys."
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User Info: DaMadKing

2 years ago#8
When I woke up and read the news, I didn't really care honestly. Watching these fanboys go at it though is hilarious. I'm still getting Tomb Raider though :)

User Info: LithiumDeal26

2 years ago#9
Well, I for one loved the reboot game, and was really excited for the sequel, so there is that...
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User Info: InninXI

2 years ago#10
Mostly because of how MS went about it. Didn't have anything to compete with uncharted in house, so they threw mountains of money at SquareEnix to make TR exclusive. Crystal Dynamics' statement did nothing but piss more people off
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