Why is Tomb Raider such a big deal anyway?

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User Info: LandfillAO

3 years ago#11
It's a little of both. I have the TR reboot on my PS3 haven't played much of it.

All I heard pretty much universally was how great this game is for the last year. Now Sony fans say it's not that great, and MS fans hype it up as the GOAT game.

Fanboys will fanboy (though I'm sure some just genuinely didn't like it, and some genuinely loved it).

User Info: mygoodluckcharm

3 years ago#12
It's not a big deal. But apparently there's some fans that on another platform (PC and Playstation) who aren't going to enjoy this game.

User Info: DonVito1990

3 years ago#13
LithiumDeal26 posted...
Well, I for one loved the reboot game, and was really excited for the sequel, so there is that...

This. Bought the first one twice: Once on 360 and a few weeks ago when the definitive version was deal of week.

RotTR is a day 1 purchase.
HughNeutron posted...
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User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#14
I don't think it's crap but I don't think it an exclusive to brag about either. Both MS and Sony showed better exclusives than that. The game they showed that I'm most interested in is Ori and that's not even exclusive but I'm getting it for my Xbox One.
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User Info: 3sixchambers

3 years ago#15
TR has always been a mediocre franchise. When you think of the top 5 or even 10 greatest franchises, I really don't think Tomb Raider makes the list. The name itself might be popular, but the games are nothing special.

User Info: IcedXplozive

3 years ago#16
If you missed out on last years tomb raider you really are missing out. One of the best games ive played for years.

User Info: Engineer-sama

3 years ago#17
It's because the xbronies don't have any other decent game to cling to.
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User Info: lightfighter

3 years ago#19
Quality game + mass advertising added up to popularity.

User Info: leelee3105

3 years ago#20
Engineer-sama posted...
It's because the xbronies don't have any other decent game to cling to.


that is CD being sad that you cant play the next Tomb Raider on the PSpoor
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