Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive. Spencer confirmed.

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  3. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive. Spencer confirmed.

User Info: dnmt

3 years ago#21
Dr_Kain posted...
Did we really need him to state this? I thought this was quite obvious.

It was obvious to people with brains, a rare commodity around these boards.

User Info: brett1081

3 years ago#22
trenken posted...
billOriley posted...
trenken posted...
L96A1BOSS posted...
They don't love you no more. I always view M$ as that kid in school that wave money around begging people to be his friend.

Worked last gen didnt it? Sony used to be the undisputed king in gaming 2 gens in a row, until last gen when they could barely keep up with the 360.

Clearly you have never taken an economics class in your life, or the reason why they do what they do would be very clear to you.

now the xbone can't even keep up with the wiiu.

They just dropped the price, dropped the hammer at gamecon, Im pretty sure they are going to be fine as they have been every gen since MS came into this. And it makes no difference anyway. MS has more money than Sony and Nintendo combined multiplied many, many times over.

My suggestion is to do what I did, go to school, get a good career going and buy every system so you dont have to get on a videogame message board like a tool and try to justify your reasons for buying a PS4. Every person with half a brain knows damn well the only reason the PS4 has sold better is because it was cheaper for many months. The PS4 had 0 games anyone actually wanted. Same with the X1, but it was $100 more. They are even now and things are about to change. Youre going to be quite salty very soon.

MS having more money at this point is irrelevant. Their board is not going to let the currently unprofitable Xbox division empty it at a whim. Quite frankly only PS is showing profitability this year in this battle. MS is a turkey of a company whose best days are behind it, much like Sony was a few years ago. When they start their restructuring one division that will be highly scrutinized is the Xbox division. So stop with the MS has the money attitude.
PSN ID: Duran25

User Info: SoftAssassin

3 years ago#23
Exodus_Prime posted...
Jesus...this is like a troll Royal Rumble. Every 60 seconds another one tags in and posts the same dribble worded differently on a new topic. TC don't forget to tag in the others so we can have 15 more of these topics by the end of the work day.


You had no problem on the 12th posting in other topics telling people they were butthurt when you and your coemployees were making topics bragging about it
being an exclusive. Now you're complaining that the topics won't stop. Hypocrite.

User Info: ChiliPup

3 years ago#24
What do you mean it's a timed exclusive? When the heck did this happen?? Why did nobody tell me?????
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  3. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive. Spencer confirmed.

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