Forbes: New Xbox One Bundles Are Bad News For The Kinect

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User Info: NeonYoshi11

3 years ago#21
DigitalIncision posted...
does anybody really need an article from forbes to understand this?

Forbes thinks that people care about their "gaming knowledge"

User Info: darkphiresage

3 years ago#22
Kconv posted...
darkphiresage posted...
Kconv posted...
darkphiresage posted...
youngskillz posted...
kinect has been dead in the water since launch an will stay that way for the most part.

this. the purpose of a kinect with every console was nuads. if they cared so much, and had such blind faith in it, crimson dragon and ryse would not have changed direction.

I think MS is too heavily vested in nuads, and is going to try them again.

naw, i think they learned their lesson. if they do try it again, it won't be by strong-arming it to gamers. i don't blame em to be honest, that's too much money to pass up. you just have to have the fanbase first. had they not been greedy and tried to make the customers pay for it up front, they could have pulled this off. take the loss on every kinect sold with X1 and price it the same as ps4. had they done that, (along with not introducing the other bs they did at launch), they would have millions more consoles sold, and probably well on their way to recouping the kinect losses by selling consumer habits data, let alone the targeted advertising money.

I think they are going to strong arm it one more time with the only card they have left to play.


if they pulled something with halo 5, their fanbase would lose their s***. i doubt that will be a problem. plus the new guy in charge seems cool. i was adamantly against owning the machine at launch, but with the changes so far, i wouldn't mind. there's nothing i want now, but if they were to get a new fable title that went back to the series roots, (meaning fable 1 specifically), and a new kotor entry, those two alone would be enough for me to buy one down the line or whenever i could find a good deal on cowboom.
"Dat b**** crazy."
"Ya, b****** be trippin." - every guy ever and his best friend at some point in life.

User Info: cm2x

3 years ago#23
lol at kinect xD. It Kinect was a succes and good "game controler" it would have a "Hype". Some game using it so good that they are must-have game.

Kinect from x360 to 1, is bad. Really bad. Wii, PS Move and Hydra for PC destroyed kinect in term of quality game because of BUTTONSSSSSSSSSS.

Theire only "chance" would have been annoncing a VR things that you plug in Xbox, then have a great game for VR and Kinect... But nop, these are for PS4 and PC ( but xbox will surely try in 2yr ) xD
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