Looking for an invite to the preview program.

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User Info: DamnEvilDog

3 years ago#51
Bleh, I hate to be asking, but I be asking! I would love a preview invite, or at least pointed to where I can sign up.

Thanks if anyone sent me one ^^
XBL: DamnEvilDog PSN: DamnEvilDog

User Info: LKDaMyth

3 years ago#52
I'm lookin to grab an invite as well, is greatly appreciate it. GT:SuchxNxSuch

User Info: ScottyDontNZ

3 years ago#53
I would also love a invite and will invite others if I get in. Thanks. GT Scotty Dont NZ

User Info: subzer02k

3 years ago#54
Hey all.. If anyone has any spare invites, I'd really appreciated it.. Cheers..


User Info: PraiseNatalia

3 years ago#55
my GT is PlatinumSpectre

I would love to be invited. Thanks in advance.

User Info: Adamkirkz

3 years ago#56
Hi all.
If anyone could invite to the preview program that would be ace and much appreciated.
Gamertag is kirkz2k


User Info: IPaRTyy

3 years ago#57
gt- surreal ipairty - please someone invite me much appreciated

User Info: Devlin88

3 years ago#58
Greatly appreciative to anyone who could invite me. GT: ClintD88

User Info: Voidmaster82

3 years ago#59
Sorry to have to ask but please please please could someone invite me GT Dep u t Dan thanks to the amazing community
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