Microsoft used PCs to showcase games at Gamescon 2014.

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User Info: benjimain

2 years ago#41
Run_2_the_Hills posted...
PC is MS so it's okay. for sony it's not.

lol no it's not. MS sees money for the OS only, and lol if you think PC gamers, who are usually somewhat tech savvy for having to configure certain aspects of their system to run all their games, don't acquire their OS for free in a lot of cases.

User Info: Tenzhi

2 years ago#42
TheGam3925 posted...
Fast food restaurants can make your food look better if you ask them:

It's just that most Americans are so eager to get that greasy food shoved into their faces as fast as possible that they don't bother.

"Better" but not as good as the picture in most cases. And given that it's still the same ingredients, I'd feel like an ass having them remake my sandwich for the purpose of aesthetics. Of course, lettuce and tomato saps the heat and flavour out of a sandwich faster than a wraith saps levels from an adventurer so my sandwiches preferably wouldn't look like the pictures anyway. But we digress.
Cheating has gone hand-in-hand with gaming for centuries. Video games in particular often have cheats built right into the game.

User Info: GladiatorDanger

2 years ago#43
CapwnD posted...
GladiatorDanger posted...
scoobydoobydont posted...
Delta_F14 posted...
MusuoJoe posted...
Did you read where it said Sony And Microsoft?

Yeah, your point being?

His point is dev kits are often "just PCs" and this is a standard, non-deceptive, non-newsworthy practice. Your topic would be pointless even if it wasn't old and done multiple times already.

It is when you are claiming that the game is running on the Xbox One, the point of these events is to not only to show off your latest games but also to show off what your console is capable of doing. When you show an up-scaled version of a game running on more powerful platform than the one you claim it is playing on you not only give people a misleading impression on the final product of the game but you also give people a misleading impression of what your console can do, I am not sure how anyone could consider that anything but deceptive especially when you put "Xbox One in game footage" in the corner of the screen.

So what you're saying is that the game should be finished and running on the console before they show any footage?

Or are you saying that they should make a budget to make a part of the game to show footage running on the console itself if they're going to show it?

But of course you won't acknowledge how clueless you are about what you babble.

Are you saying that it is ok to deceive people in order to market a game and game consoles? To pretend that upgraded footage is playing on weaker hardware when it really isnt?

What I am saying is that if they are going to show footage and claim that it is "Xbox One in game footage" then they should be running the game on the console they claim it is running on, if they are showing the game on PC then they should clearly state that instead of lying and putting "Xbox One in game footage" in the corner of the screen and hiding the PC under the counter that has the switched on Xbox One that they claim the game is playing on. What business does a switched on Xbox One or a label saying "Xbox One in game footage" even have being there unless their goal is to deceive?
"Behold, I shall corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces" Malachi 2:3, The Bible
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