Why didn't Microsoft pay to make Call of Duty exclusive?

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User Info: EichiroNobunaga

3 years ago#51
jessica73 posted...
BDJayce posted...
There are some fans you don't mess with. Call of Duty fans are among those.

RuinerEraser posted...
Sony gamers don't play COD, they play weird Japanese games with anime and life sized pillow dolls and what not.

Hahah.. let's bring up social cliches for the Japanese. Ahh that never gets old.. unless someone insults Americans as fat, lazy, ignorant people then watch out especially if you have oil.

Well, have you seen what sells on Vita >_>

Objectively speaking, as someone that doesn't care about any "console allegiances," that's basically all the Vita has, which is why it's dead. People want more than just that, it's just that other games aren't being made.
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User Info: jairusmonillas

3 years ago#52
MS already did and it was called Titanfall on which it flopped badly in terms of sales expectations.

And MS is going to lose any chance of profit by securing a timed exclusive deal for the biggest multiplatform seller.
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User Info: cm2x

3 years ago#53
Xbox sells are too low. M$ would have to paid too much to make it for the 5millions + less console

User Info: ice_radon

3 years ago#54
They would have had to pay a ton of money and I don't think it is where it was at in popularity increase like the days of W@W and MW2. I think it is still popular enough, but it doesn't have the exponential growth potential that it once had.

I think it is kind of shady any way just to lock up 3rd party exclusives that they didn't really help fund from the ground up or was custom built for their machines.

User Info: lightingemporow

3 years ago#55
simple question it would cost even moneysoft too much money

User Info: Izicial

3 years ago#56
Because microsoft could NEVER pay enough money to make up the difference in PS4 copy sales. It would be the same thing for Sony trying to make it an exclusive.

The dev would never give up all that money for no reason.
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User Info: hectic3

3 years ago#57
Back in 05-06 I always thought to myself some one should have bought the exclusive rights to CoD because it was going to be huge. I don't see how MS didn't consider this after CoD2 was only pc/360. It was a great game, pretty well received by critics, and it had good sales if I remember correctly. Pretty sure it ended up being MS's biggest/most successful launch title for the 360.

Missed opportunity for them.
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