Project cars, driveclub, then forza horizon

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User Info: Gothmogz

3 years ago#1
Graphic wise.

Gameplay is project cars, driveclub then forza horizon
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User Info: InninXI

3 years ago#2
Lies Forza 2 > Project Cars >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Driveclub. am i doing it right?
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User Info: Garage_Man

3 years ago#3
Who cares about the graphics, DC looks to be a really solid game focusing on FUN. Can't wait to play it. Really is a total shame it's going to flop into a oblivion and probably take Evolution with it.

User Info: oldhbk76

3 years ago#4
Forza Horizon 2 will be the better game
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3 years ago#5
Since this is xbox board i have zero interest in drive club so
Forza Horizon 2 > project cars
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User Info: Forget_Me_Love

3 years ago#6
I'll give you graphics! But forza looks good enough to me! And the gameplay is miles above other racers so I will me VERY surprised if it doesn't hold true again!

Can't wait for forza h 2!

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User Info: Gothmogz

3 years ago#7
Well forza is 30 fps thats a no for racing games as it gives input lag,
Gamertag: Alehappy

User Info: Tenzhi

3 years ago#8
Of the three, Forza Horizon 2 interests me most. DriveClub looks like the handling will be very floaty and the game didn't seem to have any vehicle damage in any of the videos I saw. Project CARS has a lot of tracks, and that's the best I can say of it right now. I'm more interested in The Crew than DriveClub or Project CARS.
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User Info: Gothmogz

3 years ago#9
I played the crew demo, wasnt bad but still lacking something.
Gamertag: Alehappy

User Info: mietha

3 years ago#10
I am really tired of the ponies deluding themselves into thinking driveclub is going to be good. It's going to suck compared to NFS, much less anything with "forza" in the title.
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