Games that actually need a current gen re-master?

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User Info: easyeman

2 years ago#101
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Dragon Force
Shining Force 1 & 2
Streets of Rage.
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User Info: firebrand898

2 years ago#102
Demon's Souls

S--- is this the XB1 board?

User Info: ben10pokemon79

2 years ago#103
Final Fantasy 1-9 Collection
KOTOR Double Pack (1 + 2)
Tekken Trilogy (1-3)
Thief Trilogy (1-3)
Deus Ex Double pack (1-2)
XCOM Anthology (All But Enemy Unknown)
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User Info: Namord1

2 years ago#104
I have to agree on games that do need it and why:
Any from the 6th Gen on back. Because even though these may be somewhat obscure, the possibility to expand on such games is limitless (onimusha for XB1/PS4/Wii U? Yes please!).

Games that don't need it and why:
7th Gen. The reason is because they're still playable by some of us. Why would here be a remastered version instead of a port to the ps4 (tlou anyone)? Compared to GTA V (they're releasing it to the Xbone and ps4 his year).

Master Chief Collection = a Halo story that can be played through in one system. Now if they could only do that to METAL GEAR...
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User Info: lonnieep

2 years ago#105
Monster hunter.
Smash bros.
that game where ya start with just a yoyo. Had a bunch of islands.
FF 6.
The entire Roger Wilco series, also all the king's quest and xanth games.
Masters of Orion.
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User Info: Joseponypants

2 years ago#106
Half Life
Silent Hill

Not really current gen but
Majora's Mask and Final Fantasy 7-9 really deserve remasters as well
OBJECTION! This topic clearly sucks!
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User Info: WhyitEarp

2 years ago#107
No games NEED it! F*** this generation and all the remastering. Make us some new games!!!

User Info: Wii_Truth

2 years ago#108
lightfighter posted...
Red Dead Redemption
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User Info: swatkiller546

2 years ago#109
GrayFox684 posted...
Red Dead Redemption and Uncharted trilogy would be cool, but I'd rather see them do new entries in these series (which they are for Uncharted). I guess Bioshock then, cause it's the best of the three with the least impressive graphics, and they're probably never gonna make another one them.

This is the second post i've seen saying bioshock had bad graphics.. The graphics were just fine and still hold up today.
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User Info: Overlord Hikash

Overlord Hikash
2 years ago#110
elbarto1 posted...
Smt nocturne
Resident evils
Silent hills
Fear effects

Maybe it's just me... but, Nocturne has aged fairly well. I'm playing through it again, presently. I mean, if a remake would add a hundred new demons, or something, let's do it. >_>
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