Games that actually need a current gen re-master?

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User Info: vashkey

3 years ago#121
Shinshoryuken1 posted...
FF VII, that's pretty much been the obvious answer for a few years now.

More like ever since Square showed that cruel stage demo almost ten years ago

User Info: lunaticcore

3 years ago#122
Some of us moved on to new consoles right when the next gen started and don't want to pull out old hardware to play these games. I rather have games like Walking Dead ported over then just miss out like with Assassins Creed Rouge/ Borderlands pre-sequel.

Also Diablo 3 has brand new content, and is an ongoing game. Same with Minecraft and Pinball Fx2. These are games that aren't dead . They are still getting new content and updates.
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User Info: ZebuFrenzy

3 years ago#123
• Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, and Code: Veronica
• Silent Hill
• Tekken 1, 2, and 3
• Parasite Eve
• Gekido: Urban Fighters
• Final Fantasy 7
• The Legend of Dragoon

I don't think remastering a recent title (I'm looking at you, The Last of Us!) is a smart choice—it's already HD as it is, so why update it to a degree we won't even notice?

User Info: Younglife878

3 years ago#124

User Info: Demolatorz

3 years ago#125
FF7 so I can actually make out the environment around me.
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User Info: matt-nicklin

3 years ago#126
lightfighter posted...
Red Dead Redemption

if you want skyrim go play it on pc, some of the mods are amazing. Also there is a hd upgrade pack.
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User Info: N3xtG3nGam3r

3 years ago#127
They better not remake any more 360 games.

I'd like from the original Xbox:

Splinter Cell trilogy
Ninja Gaiden (but with everything Black and Sigma included)
KOTOR double pack
Half Life
The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind
Rallisport Challenge double pack
Burnout 3
Jet Set Radio Future
Midnight Club
Project Gotham double pack
Otogi double pack
Soldier of Fortune 2

Just to name the ones I'd buy.
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User Info: charlton3k

3 years ago#128
Oh Lost Odyssey
4 discs put onto one blue-ray, 1080p and 60fps, speed up battles, extra content and endings.
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User Info: Jptremblay13

3 years ago#129
Eternal Darkness

User Info: BryanPS360

3 years ago#130
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Seeds of Evil, and Shadow of Oblivion

MK: Shaolin Monks

Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge

Def Jam: FFNY

Legacy of Kain series
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