Gamestop New Trade Policy = MORE Money for you.

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User Info: Houndour

3 years ago#131
glassghost0 posted...
Houndour posted...
glassghost0 posted...
Have fun with that

Good night and sweet dreams, I'm going to bed now, have to work in the morning

See you later

And thus, glassghost0 tries no more. Topic ends.

I'm surprised 12 year olds are even allowed to stay up so late?

I'm also confused, did younot want to be taken seriously? The bold words suggest that you don't

Best not let you get any complaints on your paper route tomorrow. And I already told you bolding words make me look like I am know what I am talking about.

User Info: killtacular30

3 years ago#132
It's funny how anyone says anything bad about Game Stop Glass seems to get all worked up about going on and on defending them, or trying put someone down saying there poor cause they rather not spend all there hard earned money on games... Seems like most don't agree with him but yet he keep on wanting to give his 2 cents every other post lol, I guess he should take his own advice and apply it to getting out of the forums...

If Game Stop was such a good place to trade games at, it sure is odd to why people are going else where these days, to why Game Stop changed there policy and giving a few bucks more for games to try and get gamers to come back to them and to keep from losing the ones they still have but from what gaming site have said Game Stop is doing and has changed to me sure doesn't seem like much at all, not enough to make them any better over other places out there...

User Info: glassghost0

3 years ago#133
3DS FC: 3067-4989-8122

User Info: UddersAndBlades

3 years ago#134
glassghost0 posted...

Ghost, you bring tears to my eyes. I needed a good laugh.

Anyways, I'm confused as to why nobody has asked TC to backup his figures. TC, how do you know you're going to get that much for Mario Kart? Did the employee tell you? Do they already have figures up for estimates of popular games? Or are you just guessing?
Look! The East is burning red!

User Info: Pumpedu

3 years ago#135
Thanks for the laugh guys!
Die from the crabs!

User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#136
lol you guys are still bickering with troll boy?!?

User Info: NeoMonk

3 years ago#137
lol @ TC

Even with the %50 coupon for this summer sale thing
You'll only get $28 for games like The Last of Us Remastered...
I can get $40 on ebay... Powerseller so basically I'm charged $2 for listing & the $2 to ship...
"The Xbox One board isn't the place for personal anecdotes, joke topics or fanboy affair." Gamefaqs Moderator

User Info: lightfighter

3 years ago#138
Interesting thread.
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