First Year are not Indicative of how a generation will end up

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User Info: Laylow12

3 years ago#31
settsdevil posted...
I really don't see xboxone catching up, I'll readilly admit to being a sony fanboy (inb4 wrong board), but I mean, 2 of my best friends I was talking to last night, one has been a pc dude his whole life and ONLY got a 360 for fifa. The other only had a 360 last gen but sure played alot of games on it. None of them had PS3's.
Yet now both of them want to get PS4's this gen. Why? The games. None of them are crazy about Halo, Uncharted, Gears, Forza, Killzone, pretty much all of the so called "big games" mentioned on every other post in this thread. What they are interested in, is new ip's, new ideas, and games that, for lack of a better word, look different. This is completely my opinion, so please dont let it agitate you, but I believe games like Wild, Tearaway, Bloodborne, Abzu, LBP3, Rime, No Mans Sky, theres a couple of others I forget - these games have gorgeous aesthetics, and look different to anything else that has already been done. Halo? Are you kidding me? That guy said on the first page of this thread that Sony just relies on sequels. True, they are good insurance. But it is undeniable they are offering alot more than just sequels this gen.
Ironically, it is actually the thing people most hated about the xbox one unveiling that is the reason they could possibly consider an Xbox. The whole tv thing, and it's linkage with Sky here in the UK. If it had the games as well, xbox one would have the edge. Unfortunatly, it doesn't.

All my (and my friend's) opinion.

I agree. Sony has all the innovation in their games and Microsoft is pumping out the same old stuff. The only bright spot is from a studio that worked for Sony last gen in Sunset Overdrive. They're having a rough time getting the frame rate right because the ESRAM is inadequate for 1080p and high frame rate. Depressing stuff.

The Queen of Light took her bow, and then she turned to go.
The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom, and walked the night alone.-Battle of Evermore/Zeppelin

User Info: SoulTrapper

3 years ago#32
destiny1990 posted...
SoulTrapper posted...
Anything is possible and MS can certainly put the money in to put up a good fight.
The question is whether this will actually work.

Besides Halo and Gears, there aren't many really popular Xbox exclusives.
And only having two IPs to keep the console afloat doesn't seem like a viable plan.

There's a good reason as to why they're buying (timed) exclusivity for third party games: they know they need more than just those two to keep competing.

You say that only halo and gears are popular exclusives. You forget that Sony has even less popular exclusives. Sure they have quantity of exclusives, but sales wise? No Sony exclusive sells as well as MS exclusives.

So sure, MS has few, but the ones they have are blockbusters. Sony only has uncharted and the last of us that sell a lot, and even then, historically they do not come close to the popularity of halo and gears.

But I do agree with you. They need more than just halo and gears because they are behind the competition. I feel like the xbox one will become a pride thing for MS, and they will go all out and be very aggressive in the coming year in order to regain lost market share.

Sony has a lot more than just Uncharted and TLOU.
There's Gran Turismo, God of War, Demon Souls/BloodBorne, Killzone, Infamous, Little Big Planet, MLB, etc

Individually, most of these these aren't big sellers such as Halo or Gears, but they all appeal to a different audience and combined with the multiplatform games, they give a very wide variety that the Xbox (currently) just doesn't have.

Having one or two big selling franchises is nice, but they're pretty much all the same genre: shooters.
Having a variety of exclusives, each appealing to a different market segment, makes for a much wider appeal.
Which is why MS bought timed exclusivity for Tomb Raider: they know they've got to diversify.

I'm not sure if they will come out swinging at all, buying exclusivity and securing some exclusive deals seems to be the way they're going to go at it.

They bought a card game for the Witcher special edition, Tomb Raider timed exclusivity.
I don't really see much else going on.

The exclusives they've got coming up are pretty much all shooters as well (Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Halo:MCC).
These could all be fantastic games, but they all appeal to pretty much the same market segment (although with a some variation).
And although shooters do represent the largest market segment in this industry, I think they're severely underestimating the importance of those other segments.

And as settsdevil said in his excellent post:

What they are interested in, is new ip's, new ideas, and games that, for lack of a better word, look different.
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