August Xbox One Update Begins Rolling Out Today

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User Info: aheroafake

3 years ago#31
glassghost0 posted...
MRL3G3ND posted...
McNabFish posted...
vashkey posted...
Eh, still rolling out features that should have been there on day one. The 360 dash is still better.

Took them forever to get it the way it is now. If you can take off your rose tinted glasses for one moment you may be able to remember back to the 'blades' system.

The current x1 home is infinitely better than that.

lol the blades system had more functionality than the xbox one...still had custom soundtracks and the ability to VOICE MESSAGE smh

I have no clue why they are so stupid and dragging their ass on the top requested things

I think they hired a new unqualified team to handle xbl on the one...

They say the top requested feature was the custom soundtracks...they give us the ability to play music...just not in games...

way to go morons

They probably should've just had you do it, I'm sure you would've accomplished it by now

No, Microsoft shouldn't have rushed the console into the market.
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User Info: Pizzatarian

3 years ago#32
I always find it interesting how some people are so focused on getting certain features since they are available on the Xbox 360, that it causes them to completely overlook features on the Xbox One that are not available on the Xbox 360. For example, snap mode, Skype, .MKV support (I know it's not out yet, but will be soon), Xbox Fitness, the Game DVR and Upload Studio, one gold account gives everyone on that console gold, and not to mention the hardware improvements that have allowed for 3D Blu-Ray, transition between game and TV without having to change inputs, and control over your console, TV, and surround via the IR blaster that's built into the Kinect.
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