How Halo: The MCC is improving on more recent games in the series

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User Info: schmarkenheimer

3 years ago#1
But more recent additions to the franchise, Halo 3 and Halo 4, are also being given significant improvement, according to senior producer Dennis Reese.

"We are putting a tremendous amount of work into Halo 3 and Halo 4 as well," said Reese, in a Gamescom presentation attended by Polygon.

"You'll see them running at 60 frames per second at 1080p. We've made a lot of improvements to the lighting system and to the shaders and the difference is actually quite dramatic."

"You can really tell the difference from the smoothness. You can see a lot more detail," said Reese. "The game just feels a lot more sharper and more vibrant. The water is very clear and fluid. It's a great example of what we can do with the Xbox One and some of the more modern techniques."

"To take a game like Halo 3 and make it look very much more like a next generation experience. We look at the differences on two TVs back at the offices and they are very dramatic," he said, adding that improvements in audio are also significant. "We've redone weapons effects, sound effects, soundtrack. The audio changes too when you switch."

So the greater res, graphical improvements (higher settings so to speak) and 60fps really make a difference.

Edit - apologies if this has already been posted, I looked at the article date after posting (stupidly).
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User Info: pblimp360

3 years ago#2
Everything about the MCC feels right. I can't wait to dive back into this.
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User Info: da_StoOge

3 years ago#3
My biggest issue with Halo 3 was the sub 720p resolution. It was immediately apparent and I never got over it.

Can't wait to see it in 1080p.
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User Info: Kipbondur

3 years ago#4
11/11 can't come soon enough. Paid off my pre-order and cant wait to play with my buddies that night.
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User Info: Juzten76

3 years ago#5
There's a lot of love going into this.
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User Info: L4YER_CAKE

3 years ago#6
I'm going to go so deep in this game. Halo 2 and 3 mp is how you sell an Xbox 1
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User Info: ShELbY_GT500

3 years ago#7
I've already pre ordered this pack but do you guys think with being able to play them all online that it will divide the community up too much? Because what, we'll have like 4 different Halos to play online at any given time?
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User Info: Legend524

3 years ago#8
*Drools slightly* hopefully, it plays like that in multilayer as well as campaign.

Also, not to be THAT guy, but i thought 1080p and 60 frames isn't a big thing? This has me excited.

User Info: 6speednissan

3 years ago#9
Nice. I didn't know they were giving Halo 3 so much love.

User Info: astutecollie

3 years ago#10
Seriously cannot wait for this.
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