Top 5 moments in your gaming history?

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User Info: DavieSnakes

3 years ago#1
Thought I'd make a light hearted topic everyone can enjoy!

Looking back to your first gaming device from the present, whats the 5 memories that stand out the most? Can be put in ascending order or just list 5, might be your favourite game release, your proudest competitive victory, most moving storyline... whatever you like.

Mine would be:

5: Christmas day 1992, playing SSF2 Turbo with my brother on our brand new SNES (joint present) using my "futuristic" see through plastic pad with autofire settings!

4: First taste of PC gaming (circa 1995), played Doom and Quarantine at my friends house on his brothers "high end" PC. Quarantine was completely amazing to my younger self, cyber punk future taxi driver game with "cool" dialogue, lots of violence and option to add custom weapons to vehicle! Would make a great next gen reboot imo

3: Mario 64! Game blew my mind when it fist came out, couldnt wait to get back from school for my fix! Arguabley still the best Mario game ever made..

2: Halo CE!! I still vividly remember standing in the game shop deciding between an xbox and a PS2, took me hours! But one of the main deciding factors was looking at the box for Halo, just grabbed my interest with its Starship trooper/Aliens vibe. First playthrough of the campaign is still probably the most entertaining and engaging gaming experience I've ever had, from the opening scene to the epic warthog escape finale! Got really hooked on the multiplayer too, wasnt much of a shooter fan before but few months I was playing 1 vs 3 with friends and winning! (in retrospect they probably sucked but felt good at the time!)

1: Skate/Skate 2. Very much a personal preference thing, I have been into skating since about 14. I'm competent and can do a few tricks but never had the time/skill to get as good as I want. The semi simulated physics and "realness" of the tricks made this one of my favourite franchises of all time (and made me wonder how I ever spent so many hours on tony hawk 2!)
Story modes were competent and I got in top 20 in a few multiplayer boards, but I just loved freeskating! Finding new lines/gaps, coming up with realistic looking smooth combos (I could only dream of doing irl!) then painstakingly editing clips to resemble real skate videos. Had a great community too, got really into youtube uploading for a while (silly clips of big gaps etc but also made long compilations of clips set to music) got to over 100 subs and 250k video views! In the end I gave it up though, girlfriend nagging and other games coming out curtailed my playing and didnt even buy Skate 3 as I was scared it would take over my life! Still get nostalgic and watch a few of my vids but mostly just skate for real now. Really dont get why no Skate/bmx/snowboard etc games are announced for next gen yet, could be real fun!

These are not in order of preference, just did it chronologically. Now I'm at the end of my list I keep thinking of ommisions (ff7, ocarina of time, kotor mass effect, dragon age origins etc etc) Almost considered changing to a top 10 but its just a bit of fun really :)

I also notice most mine are quite old, are the newer breed of games missing that special something? (or am i just becoming more grumpy and cynical with age!?)

So what are your 5?

"You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)

User Info: garydavexxx

3 years ago#2
This ere b troll country boy, an we don't take kindly to UR kind.
They picked an allegiance to a system. And they defend it and will lay their own lives for the console of their choosing. The Game of Consoles is just starting.

User Info: garydavexxx

3 years ago#3
Playing zelda link to the past. Didn't put it down for months

N64 throughout its life span from release to the GameCube it was just epic.

Final fantasy X 1500hrs well spent/wasted

Halo 3 multiplayer made some actual friends by playing this still meet up every now and then for a beer.

Fallout 3 just blew me away so epic

Not so much my top 5 moments as my top 5 chapters of my gaming
They picked an allegiance to a system. And they defend it and will lay their own lives for the console of their choosing. The Game of Consoles is just starting.

User Info: Dinglesteed

3 years ago#4
Super Mario Bros 3 - I remember sitting at home with my mom when I was 3 playing this game from the time my dad went to work til he got home. 8+ hours of playing this game with my mom lol.

Pokemon Blue - First Pokemon game I got and was instantly hooked.

Twisted Metal 2 - Was my first PS game I bought and I still can go back and play it to this day. Roadkill was my fav!

Halo 2/Ghost Recon 2 - First games I can recall playing online a lot and just loving how I could be playing with people all over the world. GR2 still has my favorite multiplayer map ever (Quarry). Such a great map.

World of Warcraft - Been playing it since a month or so after release. Take breaks every now and then but this was my first game of this scale. Have several fond memories of this game and met a lot of good people.
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User Info: Falcon_LoverXxx

3 years ago#5
i cri evritemeeee

User Info: regsantotomas

3 years ago#6
Fun Topic

5. June 1992 - Imported Street Fighter II. I played this until I had callouses. Felt like the coolest guys in the block knowing that the US version wouldn't be out until another 3 months. This cartridge floated around from house to house for several all-nighters.

4. 1999 - Metal Gear Solid. I was unemployed for about 3 months and this game really helped lift my spirits. It still is my favorite Playstation game of all time

3. 1992 - Halo. 16 player LAN game at a family reunion. The amount of cheering you could hear from the adjacent rooms were equivalent to the sort of ruckus you here during a Superbowl party.

2. Christmas 1983: Our family got our first console: an Atari 5200 with a trackball. Played Centipede, Galaxian, and Super Breakout all holiday.

1. 2004 - Mario Kart Double Dash! 16 players: Setup 4 TVs, 4 GameCubes, and linked them all together. Nothing more hilarious than listening to a bunch of adults laugh and bicker about how their partner is making them lose.

"Throw the shell! Throw the shell!"
"Yes - drive off the cliff. THAT'S going to help us."

Good times
If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything - Mark Twain
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