When do you think the Xone will go down to like $250?

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User Info: CapnStanky_

3 years ago#41
xbox is already worth more than all the other consoles combined.

User Info: CrimsonKoala

3 years ago#42
Matt_256 posted...
The better question is, why the hell are so many people still buying last-gen consoles..? I mean, the next gen systems aren't even that much more expensive really..

You can get a 360 or PS3 off ebay for less than half the price of current gen. Plus no backwards compatibility so maybe they want to play last gen games.

User Info: killtacular30

3 years ago#43
I guess the ones buying a Xbox 360 or PS3 are buying them for a few reason... I think the biggest one is they just wanna have fun and play games and a little bit better graphics isn't a big deal to them so they wouldn't need to buy a Xbox One or PS4 to do that...

Plus the ones buying last gen console's are probably people that haven't ever bought a last gen console... And you can get a last gen console with games for half the price I got my little cuz a Xbox 360 for 199 plus tax with 3 games brand new last year in November... Myself I play my Xbox 360 more than I do my Xbox One...

User Info: JohnWall32

3 years ago#44
there will almost guaranteed be another price drop by holiday 2015...ms is getting destroyed by sony...they have to do something
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User Info: ZeroShot101

3 years ago#45
Blackipod5 posted...
Laylow12 posted...
NintendoKnight9 posted...
Holiday next year. If the current sales trend continues, then even the ps3 will be outselling it soon.

Right now the ps3 is only around 5,000 units behind the x1.


x1 - 50,388
ps3 - 45,048



I didn't think it was THAT server that that ps3 is within striking distance of the Xbox one. I mean I knew that it wasn't bright but this is soon turning into a one sided fight now. At this rate the one might not break the Xbox 360 1 year number( which I believe was just a bit more then 8m. Correct me if I'm wrong) I'm sure the holidays will move a million or two shipped or sold.

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  3. When do you think the Xone will go down to like $250?

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