So I have both consoles now, some thoughts on them and how they compare.

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User Info: methosagain

3 years ago#1
I have own the PS4 since the day it was released and the XB1 since Friday, here is the things that strand out to me about both in no particular order.

I like the XB1 UI better, it just feels more flexible and powerful and of course it is able to be customize which is a huge boon. That said, it can be a bit to complicated to get around, there is much to be said about the PS4's simplicity. A huge difference is in how the activity feeds work, on the PS4 everything is right there on the left and as you go through your games the most recent activity on them, news, etc pops up which I love. On the XB1 its a app you have to go to, and isn't a seamless part of the experience.

The DS4 is better. At first I could not stand the X1 controller, everything just felt so small on it. Now after a few more days I have adjusted, but its still a poor man's controller and doesn't feel anywhere near as good as the DS4. The force feedback triggers though are quite lovely, Sony should copy these.

I hate the new XBL store, It really needs to be better structured because finding things can be a chore. I do not understand why they changed this from the XB360. The PSN store is worlds better.

I went into settings on the XB1 and to my great joy found out that unlike my PS4 Full RGB actually works. For those who do not know,the PS4 has an issue doing a proper handshake with some receivers and TV and as such it forces limited RGB. For people like me who run everything through one central receiver to our TV and every other device properly sends a Full RGB signal, this is a nightmare because the TV settings that work for everything else leads to PS4 games looking washed out. Why Sony has not fixed this let is beyond me.

Downloading and installing games on the X1 is a freaking test of patience. I downloaded Last of Us on the PS4 and had it ready to play in less than 30 minutes, on the XB1 it took me the better part of the day to get Forza fully downloaded. Really MS WTF?

Resume play on the XB1 is a god send, for those who do not know on the XB1 you can just pause your game and shut it off, and once you power it make up you are right back where you left off without any loading, etc. Very nice.

The XB1 IMO has better game recording and editing tools, and its easy to set up commentary and upload your vids to Youtube. No photo sharing though.

Game wise, I bought Forza 5, Ryse, and got BF4 off of the EA Access.

Forza 5 is easily the best looking racer out right now, though DC should beat it. That said, the game is pretty damn amazing looking.

Ryse I bought for one reason and one reason only, to see what the X1 is actually capable of graphic wise. Let the hate come forth but I will say it,after much debate on the subject over the weekend I think ultimately Ryse edges out Second Son as the best looking game so far out. It starts off sorta of meh, but some of the later stages are just beyond compare. Gameplay is meh, but its a pretty thing to watch.

BF4 is the only multi-console game I have played so fa, and honestly switching back and forth the only real difference I could find was that things such as power-lines are more jagged on the XB1 and even then you have to really look for it.
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