If you could only get one game this year...

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User Info: SignalMyMisery

3 years ago#11
Halo master chief collection. Sunset overdrive and advanced warfare have close follow ups but..

User Info: Apex-Player

3 years ago#12
Waiting on the TGS announcement of Bloodborne releasing this holiday.
If that happens it gets my vote.

If not it's likely The Last of Us just because I could play that MP for quite some time without it tiring.
Don't Starve gets an honorable mention though, I will be picking that game up on and off for the rest of my life :)
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User Info: ShowStoppa24

3 years ago#13
Madden 15

It will probably suck, but I'm hoping it's better than Madden 25. This is the only game I'm getting this year.
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User Info: GhostCrysis

3 years ago#14
Destiny. It offers more than just competetive multiplayer. With MMO like aspect, collecting valuable loot or just hanging out with the people on your friendslist.

User Info: plus1zero

3 years ago#15
How do you know someone games on a PC? Don't worry, they'll tell you.

User Info: InjusticeReborn

3 years ago#16

It has everything that could tie me over until next year when a limit hasn't been applied (:P). Single player, PvE and PvP. Sorted.
Soon to be PlayStation 4 owner.
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User Info: coldmug

3 years ago#17
Halo colection
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User Info: boolzero

3 years ago#18
If I could only get one game this year I'd be looking at my finances and trying to figure out why I can't buy more games! As it stands there is no one game this whole year or "desert island" game for me. I have varied and plentiful spatters and I need variety. I'd honestly lose my mind if I could only play one game a whole year! That's sick! What is this, Old Boy where I'm locked in a detainment complex for the whole year to be tortured with one only playing one game every day, hours on end?

You're a sick reason TC... Very sick...

/slightly truthful sarcasm
Death is a dish best served with gravy...

User Info: Hucast9

3 years ago#19
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

User Info: supermegablox

3 years ago#20
Hover Revolt of Gamers
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