It's OFFICIAL - No EASHL or OTP for NHL 15 at Launch!

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User Info: DJ break beats

DJ break beats
2 years ago#1

They finally confirmed my fears.
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User Info: Dinglesteed

2 years ago#2
Ughhh.... Not sure if I will buy now. I really really loved EASHL :(
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User Info: Kovalchuk_

2 years ago#3
Wow what the ****. DO they realize how many people play EASHL? How can they leave it out of the game. if the 360 version has it I won't be buying an XBox One yet.

User Info: Reel_Big_Mike

2 years ago#4
I can't wait for NHL 15 on X1 b/c I usually just play Be a GM Mode, but I've played some EASHL with my friends in past titles and it's a pretty cool mode so it does seem like a pretty dumb omission, especially when it's in past-gen but not current-gen.
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User Info: lunchbox2042

2 years ago#5
EA doesn't want people to upgrade to next gen apparently.

User Info: That_Damn_Kid

2 years ago#6
Never understand why decisions like this are made.
I'm not a kid, I just act like one
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User Info: Dieinafire1

2 years ago#7
I will buy day one. Always have friends over and play this. EASHL isn't a big deal to everyone but it is silly that they didn't release last year on next gen and when they finally get NHL 15 out it's not the full product. Only ea would do this type of thing
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User Info: Crystyn_7B

2 years ago#8
That_Damn_Kid posted...
Never understand why decisions like this are made.

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User Info: axelfooley2k5

2 years ago#9
I was a day one buyer

Now i an not

EA are a huge joke in my eyes

User Info: BobbyCrougar

2 years ago#10
What were those modes anyway? Didn't play last year's game.
Soon we will all have to make the choice between what is right and what is easy
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