Is bloodborne the answer to Xbox dominating the exclusives? I hope not.

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User Info: MicrosoftLover

3 years ago#201
astutecollie posted...
This topic is silly. The souls games have low sales, and bloodborne isnt even being made by the same team. Oh, and its like 1.5 years away.

These games are obviously no competition for much bigger franchises like halo and gears. Those games get more preorders than the souls games get in total sales. Its a niche, almost underground franchise that isnt the answer to anything. Its just a complimentary exclusive, not a system seller.

Hey, fellow, X-Men. I think you're great. But early 2015 =/= 1.5 years from now.

It's okay, we're not here to do math or discuss numbers like 10million or 1080p or 60fps... We're here to talk about games, and so...

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User Info: LEGEND_725

3 years ago#202
mygoodluckcharm posted...
Fable and Gears are for the casuals that's why it is sold more. On the other hand the souls series appeal more to the niche gamer who enjoy deep and challenging gameplay. To gamer who gain satisfaction in dedicated hours to master their games. So I could understand while it's not as widely appealing as fable or gears, I think souls series is still the better game. But too bad I hear that bloodborne difficulty is reduced to appease more mainstream gamer. It's still a good game though.

Lmao high level gears multiplayer takes 100 times more skill than holding up havels great shield and strafing right.
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User Info: Goregasm17

3 years ago#203
daniel79 posted...
LEGEND_725 posted...
I'm an Xbox/PC gamer and was actually considering getting ps4 for bloodborne. Then I saw this.

It's like the same old dark souls for the third time. It even had reused sound effects. Combine that with the same old "enemies hide and jump out to ambush" gameplay and you really have nothing impressive. The tired gameplay pseudo elite souls fanboys will eat up. Nothing that makes Xbox or PC owners jump the gun when they can wait for dark souls 3 and get the same gameplay.

If this is Sonys answer to

Phantom Dust
Halo MCC
Quantam Break
Forza horizon 2
Sunset Overdrive
Ori and the blind forest

I got bad newz. Xbox as usual seems to be once again having the best and diverse lineup (unless you love anime jrpg shovelware) With recent NPDs tightening up and diablo 3/destiny dispelling the multiplat myth, Sony is in trouble.

Yawn. I'll say one thing, between this board and the playstation 4 board this one is full of reassurance in every thread

We get it. You're preffered console is failing a bit. Get over it.

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