Should we blame Don Mattrick for the Xbox One's mediocre start?

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User Info: Homie_202

3 years ago#11
No he is part to blame but not solely to blame.

User Info: CyricsServant

3 years ago#12
No, it wouldn't be fair to pin the blame on a single individual. That being said, I think the re-shuffling of Xbox Division's corporate hierarchy was probably for the best.

Zynga's stock is lackluster but CEO's pay is not

June 12, 2014

Zynga shares are down more than 21 percent over the past six months, but that didn't stop the company's board from approving CEO Don Mattrick's $57,814,391 pay package this year.

Infer from that what you will. I just think Xbox Division's change in leadership will ultimately do more good than harm.

User Info: InterzoneMantra

3 years ago#13
Why dooes everyone act like it was just only his fault? There were hundreds of ppl working on the concept and ideas of the x1, not just him. If mattrick never left, the outcome would have most likely been the same were they removed kinnect, and do all those 180s etc.

User Info: Special-Edd

3 years ago#14
He had the unfortunate task of towing the company line. It was Microsofts unpopular decisions that were receiving the backlash, Don just happened to be the face attached.
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User Info: MightyMuna

3 years ago#15
Absolutely ridiculous to put it all on Mattrick. MS are just using him as a scapegoat. Don didn't have carte blanche, lots of people were involved.

More so, people seem to forget, Phil was also involved, he was even in charge of their first party studios. Everyone was involved in the creation of Xbox One.

User Info: MajorPoopStorm

3 years ago#16

User Info: TheGam3925

3 years ago#17
You can blame the entirety of the Xbone's lifespan to Don Mattrick. This was his vision, and there's no going back now. Xbone owners are stuck with this hardware for the next 5-7 years if it even lasts that long.

He wanted to make a multimedia device at the expense of graphical hardware but failed to realize that most people buy video game consoles to PLAY VIDEO GAMES!!

Fanboys can scream "who cares" all they want but this is the reality of the situation. Don Mattrick screwed up and then bolted and now Phil Spencer is left to do damage control for this entire generation.
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User Info: wake_me_420

3 years ago#18
It all started with #dealwithit Most people didn't believe the rumours appearing on gaming sites from anonymous devs talking about the xb1's original concept. Once that whole mess happened, it was all but confirmed and downhill from there.
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User Info: InfinityOver0

3 years ago#19
don mattrick was just the guy who gave the presentation. ms decided to do all that anti consumer bs long before he hit the stage. ms fan boys need to quit looking for a scape goat and realize ms just completely f***ed up this gen
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User Info: Muryo

3 years ago#20
Homie_202 posted...
No he is part to blame but not solely to blame.
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