Xbox One - Will Finish 2nd or 3rd Place This Gen?

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User Info: faithfullmatt

3 years ago#41
I'm confident it'll be in 3rd place. If not third then most likely in 2nd place this gen.

User Info: astutecollie

3 years ago#42
ViewtifulSchmoe posted...
Plz don't discount the Wii U yet. Smash Bros, Zelda and possibly a new Metroid would make things very interesting. Not first place but a strong candidate for second.

How would the u ever surpass the x1 in the long run? Mario kart barely made a dent, and thats their biggest franchise. The zelda games arent big sellers. Skyward barely sold 3 mil on a system in 100 million homes lol.

X1 will get tons of multiplats and exclusives. Im pretty sure it will end up obliterating the u. The x1 got off to a slow start due to some bad marketing decisions and being too expensive but thats changing now with phil leading things who is a games first guy unlike mattrick who was more of a multimedia guy, pushing the systems other capabilities before games.

User Info: kyncani

3 years ago#43
TheGam3925 posted...
DanE4764 posted...
chris0009 posted...
Whats laughable is your dedication to bashing x1 like its some kind of job for you, its not our fault your social life didnt pan out the way you wanted it to, dont take it out on us with your negativity.

X1 is the first console to release in china in 10 years so im sure it will do better than ps3.

Jesus dude, relax. Just because your plastic box has no chance of getting first doesn't mean you should get so angry

Seriously. This is just a video game forum. I don't know what rustled his jimmies.

If the Xbox One is still last in 2018, we're in for some seriously angry jimmies.

Kudos to the Wii U keeping the Xbox One in third place though :)

User Info: ZatchBell

3 years ago#44
Wii u is in trouble due to lack of third party support. Mario Kart 8 helped and Smash Brothers will as well, but gamers need new content on a regular basis and Nintendo has failed to provide that. Microsoft will top Nintendo probably by early 2015. Real question is can sony keep the PS4 hype and momentum?
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User Info: InfinityOver0

3 years ago#45
4th. the ouya will outsell x1 thanks to also being released in china
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User Info: Sabram

3 years ago#46
Izraeil posted...
I think it'll be very similar to 6th gen.
PS4: 125-150
XB1: 30-35
Wii U: 20-25

If trends continue this is a very likely scenario.

I would however, like to see the Xbone sell closer to 50m than 35. The carryover from the 360 to the Xbone is much higher than from the OGX to the 360, and a lot of those new 360 customers were old PS2 gamers who were dissatisfied with the PS3 with the initial price point. The 360 did wonders to build the fanbase of the Xbox Brand, honestly I think there was more fanbase buildup during gen 7 than will leave during gen 8.

Basically, the PS4 will likely reach over PS1 but under PS2 levels, the Xbone will be between the OGX and 360, and the Wii U will sink back to Gamecube levels.
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User Info: SampsonM

3 years ago#47
As a wii u owner, the system literally hasn't had a game released since the end of May.

The Wii u will struggle to sell 15M. If the Xbox can't do that, Microsoft should give up.
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User Info: SoulTrapper

3 years ago#48
I don't think the xbox is going to end up first this gen.

I think it will end up second if Nintendo doesn't suddenly pull off some sort of magic and manage to get a ton of games on their system.

User Info: Kupo_Mog_Kupo

3 years ago#49
It will easily get 2nd unless a miracle happens fro Nintendo.

User Info: xxnogamerxx

3 years ago#50
You nerds are definitely competing for last at life.

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