Will an average person really see a difference between PS4/XB1 visuals/graphics?

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User Info: MrLonely89

3 years ago#51
As someone who plays both fairly frequently, I can say rheres absolutely a difference, but not enough to warrant swinging one way or another if you have a preference on controller style and exclusives.
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User Info: cdog21

3 years ago#52
Without a direct comparison sitting in front of your face, no you cannot. You'll be able to tell when large dips in the frame rate happen, but not by how much.
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User Info: Porunga

3 years ago#53
I would say for the most part, no. There are a few games that have a visual, noticeable difference, but usually the differences between them are "behind the scenes" that most people would never see. Some differences are more noticeable with a side by side compassion, but there are a few that are just blatantly obvious (fps problems, muddier textures, etc).

However, whether the differences are noticeable or not, most of them are so minor that it would not take away from the game experience unless they were severe. Xbox one games having minor issues and differences are not in themselves concerning. For me, it is the reason WHY the differences exist, the differences in power between the two systems that cause the differences in the first place, and what that means for the future of the xbox system. The differences are minor now, they might become decidedly less minor later on. Only time will tell.

User Info: EnmaDaio2588

3 years ago#54
If they're side-by-side I would but I'm not the kind of person who can afford 2 new consoles, matching software and, enough TVs to compare/contrast. Out of the comparison videos that I have seen though, I've had trouble telling the difference between PS3 and PS4 games like Yakuza Issun, Thief and, Wolfenstein: The New One.
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User Info: 1337Rooster

3 years ago#55
ACx7 posted...
The difference is obvious for most games. Even for the average person. But the majority of us that own either console don't care. We just want to play good games.

Yeah, graphics aren't that important. There are so many other factors which go into making a game fun.
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User Info: darkness1018

3 years ago#56
Nope, not that I care anyway. All I care about is am I having fun while playing the game, not what it looks like or how many FPS it runs at.
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User Info: Garage_Man

3 years ago#57
Sure they will. It certainly won't be purely 1080vs 900 though.

There is much more to graphics than resolution alone. What we will see is the x1 get a graphically inferior 1080 compared to the PS4.

The biggest difference is going to be in exclusives. Even TLoU remastered looks amazing. Just look...you know you have nothing better to do :p


User Info: NoMoreDeadCops

3 years ago#58
The average gamer playing on a 42" Walmart brand 720p TV? Probably not.

User Info: rainmcmanis

3 years ago#59
While ps4 is slightly more powerful there should be almost no noticeable difference in graphics. I've seen both and can't tell the difference, not that it matters really.

User Info: Bossfella

3 years ago#60
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