Any xbone games pre-ordered?

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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

2 years ago#11
The Evil Within
Assassins Creed Unity
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User Info: darkness1018

2 years ago#12
I have these pre ordered:

White Sunset Overdrive bundle
Halo: MCC
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User Info: ValzacardX

2 years ago#13
Destiny Limted Edition payed off(Got it for $10 thanks to a $100 gift card from Amazon).
COD AW Xbox One bundle pre ordered at Game Stop.

For not looking for to see who has a better deal when I go to pre order MCC and Sunset Overdrive.

Shame I'll have a game before the system, but I guess you can transfer characters to it's good I guess.
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User Info: Speedymaverick

2 years ago#14
Games currently preordered:
Halo MCC
Sunset Overdrive
Far Cry 4

Games which I may preorder shortly:
AC Unity
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