is there a reason flac isnt supported by new media player

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User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#21
JiZamez posted...
Real argument is why people still think 320kbps is the "best type" of mp3 when variable bitrate should be the standard. 320kbps is even more of a waste of space than a flac is, as flac is at least lossless whereas 320kbps constant bitrate just has a bigger filesize for no damn reason.

I hope you don't mean me.

User Info: axelfooley2k5

3 years ago#22
scoobydoobydont posted...
I don't care about any non-practical difference, and even with a good sound system the difference between 320kbs mp3 and flac is not "huge" in any practical way.

im not sure how to even respond to this
i showed you the lossy vs lossless info
when i play a mp3 then a flac on my audio system at home there is a clear difference

there is a much higher bitrate
it depends on what you are listening to........when music is compressed you lose audio is recorded poorly in the first place and there wont be a mega difference....but... once you listen to lossless you get to hear everything better clearer and you can hear all recorded instruments

i have a pair of sennheiser headphones and you wouldnt believe what you are missing with mp3 lossy audio

you are wrong.....mp3 are compressed crappy files and i hope you dont respond telling me i am wrong again
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User Info: MicrosoftLover

3 years ago#23
MrImpatient35 posted...
OpheliaAdenade posted...
Probably because no one knows what flac is. :U

lmao I came in here thinking, wtf is flac?

I have no idea what flac is...

Or resolution...

Or frame rate.
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User Info: axelfooley2k5

3 years ago#24
here is another explanation i found worded better than mine

The difference you will hear between MP3 and FLAC files will depend on a lot of things. First the quality of the original recording. A lot of music is recorded with a great deal of compression and doesn't really have much dynamic range. Secondly the quality of the sound system, soundcard, and the digital to analog converter (which is on the soundcard if you don't have it connected to an outboard one).
FLAC files are not all the same. A FLAC file made from an MP3 will sound like the MP3. FLAC files are available in greater than CD quality. These vary from 16 bit to 24 bit and from 88khz to 192khz (CD is 16 bit 44.1 khz.
As a test rip a CD (do not use iTunes) to mp3 and to FLAC. Then compare the sound between the two. The better the original the more difference you will hear.
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User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#25
As I said though this is the first media player update, doesn't even include in game play with snapping or anything so they might still add flak. I've never used it personally but I mostly stream music due to time(kids), I can't keep up on music or some technology, I'm relearning abc's daily now.
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