$499 with Kinect or $399 with Madden 15?

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User Info: eegore8a

2 years ago#11
Micropolis posted...
Must have Kinect, Madden will be for sell next year for a dollar on eBay. Kinect is right now the best remote control in existence. When ever I'm around a TV with out it is unbearable.

This ^^^

User Info: millimayne

2 years ago#12
Reason not to get the Madden bundle: comes with digital copy.
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User Info: JohnWall32

2 years ago#13
kinect is a bad joke...madden bundle obviously
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User Info: Riverraider98

2 years ago#14
Kinect is pretty damn useful if you ask me ignore most of the posters. It's great for cuddling time with a significant other, and showing of. The commands are great when you are doing something else while on your xbox it's all about multitasking.
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