How useful is kinect?

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User Info: Gothmogz

3 years ago#1
Forgot to specify for madden in the title.

Is my first madden, how useful is kinect on it?, is just fancy, a gimmick like the ps4 touchpad or really useful?.

Also, community for madden is bigger on xbox one right?, considering ea access and there's even a bundle with it.

I just have doubts where to preorder it having both consoles. I read ps4 had smoother but if Kinect is good here and community is better, Ill go with xbox one.

Thanks for your help as the time to preorder is running out.
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User Info: singhellotaku

3 years ago#2
not very, its decent for madden though, you can yell out audibles and stuff, course you can do that with a controller too, i like the controls for movies, but thats about it. I'd go ps4
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