I can't wait to have a console that can do 120 FPs and 4K

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  3. I can't wait to have a console that can do 120 FPs and 4K

User Info: blacklabelice

2 years ago#11
InninXI posted...
Xbox now will do that when devs start using the eSRAM better and DX12, not to mention the cloud.

lets not forget that 10% improvement after abandoning kinect.

its soon to be a lean mean 4k gaming machine!

User Info: TrueBlue91

2 years ago#12
NEVER going to happen. Even if they make a console more powerful than every PC on Earth COMBINED, devs will still focus on TEH PRETTIES and the highest poly count and fidelity etc and neglect 60FPS.
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User Info: schmarkenheimer

2 years ago#13
Maybe gen 10 consoles (PS6/Xbox Three (?)). Considering not all games are 1080/60 this gen and assuming they can get 1600x900 by the end as a minimum 2019/2020 will be far too soon for it. I wouldn't expect to see new consoles before 2018, but no later than 2020 - 2020 will tie in nicely with those bad marketing slogans "a new decade, a new way to play" or something terrible. So I'd expect 1080p minimum for PS5/X2, probably 2560x1440 or maybe 3200x1800 with a few less demanding games to be 4k.

Then the gen after to be 4k. *Hopefully., although they won't do 120fps. No way devs will do that. Gen 11 (assuming they're still going that is) should be legitimately powerful enough to do incredibly high fidelity 4k/120, assuming it's around 2030 release. Then again, that's just assuming scaling will continue to happen like now, 7/5nm limits should have been reached by then and you can't scale more unless you go bigger which won't happen (the thought of 1000mm2 chips lol).
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User Info: RuinerEraser

2 years ago#14
I can wait...infact I can wait about another 8 years or so.
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User Info: Foppe

2 years ago#15
Pretty sure that the Xbox One is powerful enough to render a Pong clone in 4k 120fps.
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  3. I can't wait to have a console that can do 120 FPs and 4K

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