Would you support a Brute Force remake?

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User Info: Exo401

3 years ago#21
I bought a brand new first gen xbox and new sealed games last year. Shame i had to because I owned them all 10+ years ago but sold them all... anyway a next gen brute force would be awesome! I bet its in the works :0
These ****in big meaty balls, big meaty balls.

User Info: leezy1

3 years ago#22
i was gonna make a thread like this a few days ago.

man if people only knew. find the old issues of oxm when they previewed this game.
the devs tell you all they cut from the game.

a lot of those decisions were mindboggling back then.
everything they cut was a headscratcher.

I know off the top they added rpg elements, but cut them.
3rd person 4-player co-op with classes to boot. this game really deserves a proper sequel.
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