pick which option would peak your interest the most:

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User Info: ave1

2 years ago#1
pick one - Results (81 votes)
Microsoft announces a new VR device to compete with Oculus Rift in 2015
13.58% (11 votes)
Microsoft announces five varieties of thumbstick add-ons to customize their controllers
4.94% (4 votes)
Microsoft announces that last generation steering wheels now work on all X1 racing games
3.7% (3 votes)
Microsoft announces a new Japan-based game design division for RPGs
23.46% (19 votes)
Microsoft announces Kinect-based Katamari D. game
2.47% (2 votes)
Microsoft announces that Sega has gone exclusive with them & Shenmue is being made
22.22% (18 votes)
Microsoft announces the next Burnout game
6.17% (5 votes)
Microsoft announces that Ubisoft is doing for X1 what EA did with Access
19.75% (16 votes)
Microsoft announces a new Blinx game
0% (0 votes)
Microsoft announces a new Oddworld Strangers Wrath game
3.7% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I couldn't think of any more options... what else should i have added?
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User Info: glassghost0

2 years ago#2
Shenmue 3

They can have all my money
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User Info: redditon4chan

2 years ago#3
None of these involve Viva Pinata.


User Info: ACx7

2 years ago#4
Them forming/buying a Japanese company to produce exclusive JRPGs would be the greatest thing ever.
Wii-U: ACxSeven 3DS: 5455-9878-3366
PSN/XBL/Steam/Origin: ACx7

User Info: scoobydoobydont

2 years ago#5
Backwards compatibility is better than all of those, but I chose Shenmue from those options. I'd take a new Blinx and RPG development team too. The rest, meh. On the VR thing, I'd rather MS just work with Facebook/Occulus and not waste time reinventing the wheel. Occulus team has already considered every angle of the VR experience, I don't think MS (or Sony for that matter) have anything to add above and beyond Rift (though I hope Morpheus is competitive still).

User Info: Lord_Ka1n

2 years ago#6
Other: Microsoft announces that they have sold the X box division to another company, maybe valve or amazon.
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User Info: nableet

2 years ago#7
GT: Tyfighta23. PSN: Tee_Doff

User Info: JGA1980

2 years ago#8
For all intensive porpoises, I could care less about those choices as non of those peak my interest, but if I had to choose a pacific option, I'd defiantly go with the last gen wheel compatibility, or a new Burnout game... probably the ladder.

User Info: cheezedadada

2 years ago#9
nableet posted...

I know what this is without highlighting it haha.

Oh and I chose the RPG option.
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User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

2 years ago#10
I'd say the VR but Microsoft isn't known for taking risks so I say the date should be around 2016. They'll see if it picks up an if it does, then they'll work on VR. Similar to motion control (Kinect), similar to everything they do. Microsoft likes to sit around and let others do something and if it takes off, they just steal it
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