Um... wtf Gamestop?

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User Info: NeoMonk

3 years ago#31
I'm literally confused...

So are you getting DLC on Destiny that looks like COD stuff


Are you getting DLC on COD that looks like Destiny stuff?

LOL this is pathetic, funny and outright shill!
"The Xbox One board isn't the place for personal anecdotes, joke topics or fanboy affair." Gamefaqs Moderator

User Info: blacklabelice

3 years ago#32
MicrosoftLover posted...
Lawboy2 posted...
I posted a screenshot of the reciept

I saw that. Thank you.

blitz_0623 posted...
You don't need an imgur account

Well, even if I had one I still wouldn't post it. There are many Sony fanboys that would like my info. They don't agree with what I stand for, and that's Microsoft; The Future Of Gaming!

i bet you bought it for your ps4, and you spend all your time reverse trolling the x1 boards pretending to be some kind of a lame fanboy of a piece of plastic with the brand name microsoft embedded on it.

i dont even know how youll ever manage to even find time to play the game either, considering how you live on these forums and all. but i appreciate you for helping to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancies.
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