Xbox one Vs ps4 how it stands today IMO

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User Info: Homie_202

2 years ago#11
It's funny that you said the ps4 needs more games when it has more retail games out and announced and far more digital games.

User Info: Spetsnaz420

2 years ago#12
kennyynnoo posted...
I'm still waiting for Gran Turismo to get a ps4 the good and bad with Sony is you know what you get with it at launch in terms of operating system and updates. They'll never surprise you, no amazing updates, just basics. It reminds me of Apple, it's there, it works. Its good and bad though, good that you don't get weird glitches from changes but bad because it makes it uninteresting and not fun for an operating system. If you're not as tech person it's great, if you are you get board of the machine in that regard. Just my opinion, I used to love PS more but the 360 showed me I want a little more, the custom music on the ps3 was hit and miss in games...more miss and t g at s my favorite feature.

Wait... Are you saying xbox is for tech savvy and PS is for Apple users?

GTFO with that crap... If this board has taught me anything, it's that console gamers in general aren't very tech savvy
If opinions were a commodity, people wouldn't waste them on stupid crap.
A sight for sore eyes to the blind would be awful majestic

User Info: mrpic

2 years ago#13
this thread was not designed to be console war thread of the day its a discussion thread, if you want to console war with your leet mates and alt go somewhere else.
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