is your most anticipated game what people least expect?

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User Info: garcia_jx

2 years ago#1
My most anticipated game of this year, believe or not, is wwe 2k15. I know this isn't what most people anticipate, but I want this game now

User Info: InninXI

2 years ago#2
Pokemon omega ruby
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User Info: ZeroXraven

2 years ago#3
Super Smash Bros. 3DS...and I even own a Wii U...I have always wanted that series on the go

As for Xbox One, I can't wait to play some Phantom Dust on it

User Info: x1STP_KLOSRx

2 years ago#4
Halo Master Chief Collection on Xbox One

NHL 15 on PS4 (Also buying on Xbox One but Halo is priority)

Super Smash Brothers on Wii U

Can't wait for these

User Info: dataDyneSoldier

2 years ago#5
NHL 15, even if they did exclude EASHL.
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User Info: pwnater777

2 years ago#6
It was Wolfenstein: The New Order. Bought, played, loved. Game of the Year.
Kojima and Del Toro working on a new Silent Hill starring Norman Reedus... this means the world to me.
Currently playing: Crusader Kings 2, Chrono Trigger DS

User Info: sdchi

2 years ago#7
My most anticipated game, or rather, my only anticipated game, is the Master Chief Collection. It'll be the only reason I'm getting an Xbox One in November. So to answer the title question-absolutely not.

User Info: BDJayce

2 years ago#8
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

So maybe? Some people were turned off to the series after DA2 but honestly DA:I is looking amazing.
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User Info: bLiNdSnIpErZ20

2 years ago#9
The Division.
Get back in your rocket, and f*** off back to Legoland you c****!

User Info: mietha

2 years ago#10
I'm really looking forward to forza horizon 2, but it honestly might be dragon age. Shadows of Mordor is looking good too, but I still need to be sold on it. And yes, I too am looking forward to NHL 15 and WWE 2k15, but they're not at the top of the list.
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