Metro Redux + new LED full HD TV= New gen:)

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User Info: bloodlover4ever

3 years ago#21
IceHusky posted...
bloodlover4ever posted...
IceHusky posted...
Spetsnaz420 posted...
From a gaming perspective... LED is a downgrade from Plasma.

Especially when both support 1080p

So instead of saying, "Wow, TC...that's awesome and I am glad to hear you are enjoying your gaming experience on your new TV." You have to criticize his TV instead? Keep staying classy, GameFaqs. -_-"

Anyways, that's awesome about how much you are enjoying your new LED HDTV, TC. One of these days, if I can ever afford it, I would like to replace my 1080i Samsung HDTV that I bought in 2008 for a brand new LED HDTV, probably made by Samsung too, so I can experience the joys of the glorious LED HDTVs. :)

Thanks man as for the early responses it is ok I get used to it:)

Actually I am having problem with Plasma TVs and their burn in issue I know it is not as before but it is still there to a certain extend.

Anyway this is what I got:

I went for Sony, it also has 4 HDMI which is a plus IMO as I have WiiU, DVD player, XboxOne and plan to get PS4 next year.

Awesome. I went ahead and bookmarked that page to the review you linked. I am keeping a collection of bookmarks of HDTVs that gamers recommend. So far I have yours and a link to a Samsung HDTV that was recommended here a couple of days ago. Do you mind me asking what size is your TV? Also, is that side viewing criticism that the review had really that bad?

I bought 48" , the smaller ones had less HDMI inputs as for the side viewing criticism I can't tell because my room is not that big so there is no big side viewing angle where I can identify the issue...
The TV is very light btw, surprisingly light so you can always move it and put wherever you want without thinking about all the hassles of previous TVs...
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