Excited for Sunset Overdrive?

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User Info: weAREtheB0RG

3 years ago#1
Excited for Sunset Overdrive? - Results (257 votes)
Sure Am! Already pre-ordered the game!
15.56% (40 votes)
Yep! Buying it day one!
21.4% (55 votes)
Meh. I may pick it up a bit after release.
15.18% (39 votes)
Not really. May pick it up when it's in the bargain bin.
16.34% (42 votes)
Nope. Looks dumb and I want nothing to do with it.
26.07% (67 votes)
Hell No! In fact if my friends buy it I'm going to break their discs.
5.45% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Personally I think it's way overhyped, surely I'm not the only one.

User Info: Draconian-White

3 years ago#2
Preordered the game a few months back.

Can't wait!
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User Info: Rafficus_III

3 years ago#3
So much so, I pre-ordered it's very own bunduru.
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User Info: uniquebadger

3 years ago#4
I'm most excited for DA:I, Destiny, Shadows of, and MCC, the rest of the games this year look like I will wait till i can find them used for under $30.
GT: Tokijoun

User Info: Charity_Diary

3 years ago#5
Just so you guys know (the ones who don't have me on their ignore list, anyway), I answered, "Nope, looks dumb."
Trey Songz #1 Fan!

User Info: SpongeBob_SP

3 years ago#6
Your poll is pretty biased, and you didn't give the option of "Looks good but don't have time/money at launch," which is the option I would have picked.

I was planning on picking it up, but after watching previews for Alien: Isolation, I'm opting for that instead. I'm still going to pick it up early next year, though.

User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

3 years ago#7
The options u listed are almost all the same - 1 and 2 are the same as are 3 and 4
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

3 years ago#8
All true XBROS are excited! Anyone who isn't is not a real XBRO!

Is the Xbro thing over? ='(

User Info: weAREtheB0RG

3 years ago#9
Gunvalkyrie2 posted...
The options u listed are almost all the same - 1 and 2 are the same as are 3 and 4

I disagree but I respect your opinion.

User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#10
Not really, the art and look of it turn me off because it looks like it's mostly artsy but dull underneath it all.
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